Top 10 Magento Developer Skills to Have in 2021

Top 10 Magento Developer Skills to Have in 2021

The success of any E-commerce store depends on the platform you choose for its development because it will impact the whole lifespan of the store!

Especially, when it comes to scaling the business digitally in the world of e-Commerce, the only platform recommendation you’ll get is Magento.

Magento is an open-source CMS (Content Management System) built-in PHP that was created using the Zend framework. Magento is one of the most demanding and emerging platforms for E-commerce stores across the globe.

Whether you are a newbie in Magento or looking for a Magento developer to hire, you first have to look over the top Magento developer skills that are a must to ace your interview or for the eligibility of the candidate!

Development requires not only technical skills but also industrial knowledge and soft skills. This includes knowledge of Git version control software, command chain creation, and other skills.

A Magento developer must be a pro at upgrading Magento 2 versions as Magento keeps on releasing the updated Magento 2 versions for improving the CMS.

There are other skills like Magento extensions development, migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2, and more, but there are some other soft skills required to be on the top of the competition in the Magento niche that you can read in this post.

Top 10 Qualities of Magento Developer

  1. Technical knowledge and Creative Thinking
  2. Magento Certifications
  3. Good Communication and Understanding Skills
  4. Offering Good Support and Maintenance Service
  5. Proper Time Management
  6. Knowledge of Programming Languages
  7. Professionalism
  8. SEO Knowledge
  9. CMS Development Skills
  10. Passionate

Top 10 Magento Developer Skills

Either you are hiring Magento developers or looking for a job as a Magento developer, to ace in your field, you must possess these ten qualities as a Magento developer. Some of the Magento developer skills are as follows:

1. Technical Knowledge and Creative Thinking

He/she should be able to understand how a website works, what is required for it to function properly, and also know which parts are responsible for different functions on the site. He or she needs to possess good communication skills as well. A great deal of creativity is needed when working with this type of software. The person who will work on your project has to be creative enough to come up with new ideas that can help you improve your business.

2. Magento Certifications

The Magento developers you wish to hire for your website development must have a valid certification for their Magento skills. Or, if you are applying for the job, you must pass the Magento 2 certification exam, which is designed to confirm the skills and basic knowledge required to use Magento.

A Magento developer can appear for the Magento certified exam that reflects their actual professionalism and skills. To clear this exam, a developer needs both technical knowledge as well as experience in the field. They should also have innovative and creative skills that would help them to solve the problems at ease.

A certified Magento developer should even know more than coding assessment, should have good experience in designing, and should be able to build websites faster. Some developers have often gained specialization in specific categories that would make them proficient over it.

As a business owner looking to hire a Magento developer, you may prioritize certified developers over non-certified ones owing to the qualities they have mastered and the responsibility they can take to develop a secure Magento store.

3. Good Communication & Understanding Skills

Before any development can even begin, a skilled Magento developer must have the ability to communicate their thoughts and opinions on what would be best for their client or organization.

A Magento developer must have good communication and understanding skills as it is very important for them to understand the requirements of the client and make sure that they are delivering what is expected.

4. Offering Good Support and Maintenance Service

This is the best way to ensure that they will continue to receive a good return on their investment for most businesses. No company wants to find out that they have been paying for something that is not working, and some companies will go out of business if they can’t get support for their website.

Hence, Magento developers must know how to satisfy customers’ requirements and resolve their queries on time.

5. Proper Time Management

Without proper time management, dealing with a project as a Magento developer can be difficult and overwhelming.

If you are a Magento developer and you want to make sure that your time is used efficiently, then it is important to use the following best practices.

First, find out how much time you have to work on a given project.

Second, break up the project into manageable chunks.

Third, prioritize your tasks so that they are completed in an optimal order.

Finally, take breaks now and then so that you do not burn out and start making mistakes.

6. Knowledge of Programming Languages

Magento developers must at least have sufficient knowledge of basic programming languages to develop the websites and run the business with the right use of programming languages. Frontend developers should be familiar with programming languages such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, while backend developers should be familiar with languages such as Ruby, PHP, Java, and Python.

Using Javascript, it is crucial to add custom functionalities in the form of modules that can be easily integrated into your Magento store. Along with, Javascript, it is essential to know CMS and MVC framework for the Magento developer.

Additionally, web development languages and query languages are equally important for a Magento developer.

7. Professionalism

Professionalism is a must-have aspect for any Magento developers, regardless of service providers of any field. The behavior of professional and unprofessional people is quite different from each other.

The professional behavior of the developer helps in creating a good impact on the business as well as on your clients. A developer having a professional attitude may reflect on your eCommerce website and even on your customer base.

Hence, professionalism is one of the primary characteristics of a Magento developer that needs to be looked at and kept in mind while hiring a Magento developer.

8. SEO Knowledge

Magento developers must have SEO knowledge and skills to develop sites that are search engine-friendly. Such Magento sites can rank high in SERPs and attract potential traffic.

A developer skilled in SEO for Magento 2 is added benefit and need not be dependent on a marketing or SEO team.

If you are on the hiring side, a Magento developed skilled with SEO techniques will deliver products that you may rank in search engines or reduce the burden of your SEO executives!

9. CMS Development Skills

The CMS technology has taken the web world by storm. All major brands like Google, Facebook, eBay, and Amazon use CMS in their web infrastructure. This is because of the features and scalability which CMS provides. So a Magento developer needs to have good knowledge of both Magento and other CMS development.

10. Passionate

A Magento developer should be passionate about his work. The efforts, time, money that a certified developer puts forth for achieving Magento certification itself shows how passionate he/she would be.

Getting certified shows and reflects to be the best candidate. Thus, certified Magento developers are passionate, hard-working, dedicated, and have good work experience.


So, these are the essential qualities to look for in a Magento developer before its hiring process. Thus, this article would definitely give you a clear idea and strategies to be followed by Magento developers and will help you out in the hiring process.

What do you think about these skills of a Magento developer? Let me know your thoughts in the Comments section below. Also, do share the post with the Magento community via social media.

Thank you.

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