How Much Does a Magento 2 Store Cost in 2022

Magento store can cost a pretty penny! I have compiled this post to help you estimate how much does a Magento 2 store cost in 2022. Before starting your online store, refer to this guide to manage your budget.

Magento Commerce covers all functionality from the beginning. Magento development costs for plans starting at about $22,000 a year and go up from there, depending on which Magento extensions and plugins you want to install.

Magento can cost only $50 per year if you stick to the basics. However, if you still need to hire Magento developer or Magento development agency, to customize your website, the costs can quickly add up.

The total cost of a Magento eCommerce store can be affected by how custom or typical your business is in terms of design and functionality, how much and what type of integration it requires, payment and shipping service providers, third-party systems such as CRMs, and much more.

When setting prices for Magento, consider the cost of Magento licenses, themes, graphics, hosting, extensions, and store maintenance. Make decisions in these areas that add up to the costs and lead to the prices for your specific business.

There is much more that goes into establishing a Magento store and additional costs, including hosting. Most companies have to consider additional expenses such as website design, customization with Shopify, upgrading Magento, and Magento custom extension development.

In this article, we will discuss the cost of operating an eCommerce store in Magento and the different Magento development and pricing factors.

Magento Pricing: The Development Cost of your Store

Magento is considered to be one of the most preferred eCommerce platforms for any online business. Determining price estimates for Magento implementation is not at all an easy task, as there are several other factors that need to be considered. To get a rough idea and the approximate costs we have prepared a pricing guide and the cost to run a Magento. Here, we will help you find the costs for implementing and maintaining a store based on Magento.

How Much Will A Magento Website Cost Me?

There are several factors that help in determining the cost and one of the factors is business size. Based on the business requirements you can select either basic Magento, Community, or Enterprise Edition.

Factors that Play Role in Magento 2 Store Cost in 2022:

  1. Selection of Magento Editions
  2. Design Costs
  3. Magento Extensions
  4. Magento Hosting
  5. Development Cost
  6. Maintenance Cost

1. Selection of Magento Edition

Basic Magento Website Price

The basic Magento website is best suited for individuals and small businesses as the setup is easy. The cost to run a basic Magento website starts at $20,000 and could go up to $40,000. Some of the basic functions are as follows:

  • Basic Magento features
  • Simple Design
  • Access to Magento Community site
  • A smooth CMS platform

Custom Magento Website Price

If you are looking to upgrade or migrate from another eCommerce platform, then you would go for Customized Magento Website.

The cost ranges from $40,000 to $100,000. Additionally, other benefits offered to you are as follows:

  • Customized design for the website
  • Integration with back-office systems
  • Custom attributes
  • Customer groups
  • Extensions and much more

Magento Enterprise Website Price

It is best suited for complex stores and requires a complete set of Magento features. The Enterprise version can cost you around $100,000 or even more. It comes with out-of-box functionalities, where you can just sit and relax. Some of the added benefits are as follows:

  • Built-in modules
  • Mobile responsive
  • Customer Support
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Customer Segmentation

2. Design Cost

Extensions add extended functionalities to your store, whereas themes help you to create the design of your store. There are pre-made themes available in both eCommerce platforms which you can purchase while designing the store instead of creating it from the scratch.

To make your store look unique and attractive enough, it would not be possible with free themes. So, choosing a paid or customized themes would be a better choice. If you are looking to migrate to Magento 2 or starting up a new online store, you need to create a better experience for mobile, tablet, and desktop versions for your website.

Magento offers an official theme directory, but it has very limited themes available. A theme in Magento 2 provides a consistent look and feel for your Magento 2 store using various layouts, designs, styles, and much more. If budget is not the concern, you can opt to select premium themes for your Magento 2 store from ThemeForest or TemplateMonster that can make your store beautiful and feature-rich.

3. Magento Extensions

Extensions are developed and integrated into Magento 2 stores for additional features or to overcome the limitations of default Magento 2. Magento has a wide variety of paid and free Magento extensions that can help improve the store performance, shipping, payments, security, administration, etc.

4. Magento Hosting

Basically, there are four options available for your Magento 2 store while choosing the most suitable hosting provider which is as follows:

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting refers to sharing server resources with other websites that are located on the same website. It is best suited for lightweight sites which don’t require CPU and RAM to function such as simple landing pages, blogs, etc. The cost for shared hosting ranges from around $10 to $30 per month. Shared hosting is not recommended if you want your website to work smoothly resulting in a great performance.

Private Server

The virtual private server would be the best choice for running small to medium Magento stores. It offers high flexibility and high-performance hosting as compared to other hosting providers. VPS provides great security as compared to shared hosting and is the ultimate choice for starting any Magento store. The pricing structure for VPS may vary based on the business needs and requirements. It ranges from around $60 to $300 per month.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is specifically used for complex stores where they need to purchase custom-built machines based on the customers’ needs. These would help to deliver the best performance to their customers. Dedicated hosting can be the best solution where you need to handle everything from hardware to software and may cost up to $2000.

Cloud Hosting

The complex stores dealing with heavy workloads may prefer buying a dedicated server or even hosting in a cloud. It is best used for advanced setups and offers complete independence in server configuration. The cost may range up to $4000 a month.

Thus, it may cost about $10 to $4000 a month based on the hosting plan preferred by the customers.

5. Development Cost

In most cases, stores continue developing new features after the release. So, for troubleshooting and developing new features, there is a requirement for a Magento developer to solve the queries. The development costs may vary from $150 to $4000 based on the number of bugs, quality of development, and time limit.

6. Maintenance Cost

Just launching a website, doesn’t complete your work. It is crucial to decide on its maintenance and support. To operate it smoothly, the website needs to be polished continuously. You need to install security patches, keep the site updated, update the designs, and much more. Thus, the cost may vary if you hire a certified Magento developer for its maintenance.


The exact cost for running a website varies depending upon the customizations and your needs. If you opt for very basics and use free themes, extensions it might cost very little. Thus, it totally depends on the customization and flexibility that is allowed.

The best way to determine the cost to run a Magento store is to contact a professional Magento agency and ask for a pricing quote to run a Magento store.

What do you think about budgeting your online store after reading this guide? Do let me know in the Comments section below.

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How Much Does a Magento 2 Store Cost in 2022

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