Magento 2 GDPR – Meetanshi Extension Explained

Magento 2 GDPR - Meetanshi Extension Explained

Magento 2 GDPR extension enables compliance of EU’s GDPR law in Magento 2 store.

EU’s GDPR law came into action from May 25, 2018, for data protection of individuals in the European Union. With the imposition of GDPR, businesses all over the world, dealing with users from Europe are affected. This is because the law governs the export of consumers’ data outside EU too!

Hence, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 GDPR extension to make it easy for the store merchants to implement GDPR and run the business smoothly without any legal issues!

The extension ensures tight consent management in the Magento 2 store. The store customers are given the rights to control what and how their personal data is saved and used.

With customer first rule, earn their trust and improve sales by complying with the GDPR rule. The implementation is easy with Meetanshi’s GDPR for Magento 2!

Configure Magento 2 GDPR Extension by Meetanshi

Enable the extension from the backend. Under Personal Data Download Settings, add the description for how the personal data download works and the title for the same to be displayed in the “My Account” section!

Magento 2 GDPR - Meetanshi Extension Explained 1

Configure the Account Deletion Settings from the backend. Add the title and the delete confirmation notice text. Also, enter the text that describes how the delete account works. Select the email sender and the template for the delete confirmation Email.

Magento 2 GDPR - Meetanshi Extension Explained 2

To allow customers to anonymize the account details, configure the settings as shown here. Add the title and confirmation notice text for the account anonymization in the “My Account” section. Enter the text to describe how the anonymization works. Select the email sender and the template for the anonymization confirmation Email.

Magento 2 GDPR - Meetanshi Extension Explained 3

The Magento 2 GDPR Compliance extension allows admin to request customers for their consent regarding their personal data. An email requesting for the consent can be sent with the help of the extension. Select Email sender and the template for the consent request Email as shown here.

Magento 2 GDPR - Meetanshi Extension Explained 4

The GDPR Compliance includes users’ consent with the store’s privacy policy at the time of submitting their details for registration. The extension takes care of it. All you have to do is configure the privacy policy checkbox settings as shown below. Enable the checkbox at registration and enter the privacy notice text. Admin can either display the privacy policy in a popup or redirect users to the privacy policy page. Also, select the page to show the privacy policy content.

Magento 2 GDPR - Meetanshi Extension Explained 5

GDPR comprises of EU’s cookie law. Hence, the store owners need to implement it in the Magento 2 store. The extension includes cookie notice settings, content settings, and the cookie container display settings.

Configure the settings for notice display, position, when to hide the notice, expire the agreement and accept as shown here.

Magento 2 GDPR - Meetanshi Extension Explained 6

Configure the cookie content settings that includes notice text, title, texts for accept, deny and privacy policy buttons as well as the redirect page for privacy policy.

Magento 2 GDPR - Meetanshi Extension Explained 7

Configure the cookie container display settings that include fonts, text alignment and size, font colors and text colors for buttons such as close, accept, etc and their border display settings.



Once configured completely, the store frontend displays the cookie notice popup where a user can accept, decline or read the privacy policy.


The privacy policy check box is enabled on the registration form. Once the user checks and agrees with the policy, sign up proceeds.


Making it easy for the admins, the extension offers a backend grid that lists the disapproved consents. Multiple customers can be selected to send the consent request Email to all.


The consent request Email consists of the link to the privacy policy and from where they can accept the agreement.


Similarly, there is a backend grid for the list of consent approvals as shown here.


Admin can check the consent activity log for all the users from the backend grid shown below:


GDPR is all about customers’ control over their personal data. Keeping this point in mind, the extension is developed to allow customers to download their personal data, delete their account or anonymize their account from the “My Account” section.


Once the account information is anonymized, its confirmation Email is sent to the user that contains the login credentials.


Similarly, the account deletion confirmation Email is sent to the customers where the delete account link is provided. The customer can delete the account from the Email as shown here:


The delete accounts backend grid enlists the deleted account customers’ name and email id.


Earn customers’ trust by following the EU’s GDPR law in the Magento 2 store using Magento 2 GDPR extension!

You can always refer the UserGuide or the video configuration for installation and configuration steps.


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