A Complete Guide On Magento 2 Attribute Set

A Complete Guide On Magento 2 Attribute Set

Attribute sets are the list of attributes that define the characteristics of a product. It is a template for a new Magento 2 product.

You are required to create a Magento 2 attribute set while creating new Magento 2 products or during upgrade or migrate process. It can make the tasks easier like:

  • Organizing products into groups
  • Characteristics of a product at a place
  • Import the product information

Create product attributes in Magento 2 and then follow the below steps:

Steps to Create Magento 2 Attribute Set:

  1. Login to admin panel
  2. Go to Stores > Attributes > Attributes Set
  3. Click Add Attribute Set
    1_Add Attribute Set
  4. Enter the Name of the attribute set
  5. Based On – Select an existing attribute set to use it as a template
    2_New Attribute Set
  6. Save the configuration. You will be redirected to a page as shown in the below screenshot.
    3_Test Attribute Set
  7. The three columns here are as follows:
    1. Left column – Name of the attribute set. It is changeable and is used for the internal reference
    2. Center column – Displays the current selection of attribute groups
    3. Right column – Displays the list of attributes that are not assigned to any attribute sets.
  8. Add a new attribute to the set. For doing so, drag the attribute from the Unassigned Attributes list to the appropriate folder in the Groups column.
  9. Click Save

How to Use Attribute Sets in Magento 2:

While creating a product, you need to assign an attribute set to it.

It specifies the selection of fields that are used in the product.

The below image shows how to apply attribute sets while creating Magento 2 products:

4_Apply attribute set to product

Instead of following the above steps, you can also create attribute sets programmatically in Magento 2.

Any doubts about the Magento 2 attribute sets? Do mention them in the Comments section below. I’d be happy to help.

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