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My last blog post on Magento 2 API was all about how to get all products using API. In case you missed it, you can read it at Magento 2 API – Get All Products. In this post, I will show you how to get product by SKU in Magento 2 API.

If you are developing a third-party Magento 2 application or mobile app, you may require to fetch the information about specific products through SKU. The Magento 2 API Get Product by SKU makes it possible to fetch the product information from Magento to display it on the product page.

Read this complete blog post to understand how you can get product by SKU Magento 2 API.

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How to Get Product by SKU Using Magento 2 API?

In order to fetch the products by SKU using Magento 2 rest API, the client needs to make a GET call to the store_url/products/ with the SKU in the path variables. Magento, in response to the request, will return all the information and attributes of the products.

Method: GET

URL: store_url/products/:sku

Params(Path Variables):

  • Key: sku
  • Value: <the sku of the product>

Magento 2 API to Get Product by SKU


On sending the Magento 2 Get Product Attribute request with the SKU in the parameters, Magento returns all information about the respective product.


Fetching product information from Magento 2 through API is necessary if you are working on a third-party development based on Magento.

Magento 2 API – Get Product by SKU is necessary to fetch and show the updated product information on the product page. I hope this guide will add value to your Magento 2 API skills.

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