How to Hire a Magento Developer [A Complete Guide]

“The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.” – Steve Jobs

Magento, now known as Adobe Commerce, is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. It is well known for its versatility and is used by many renowned brands around the world, including Ford, Landrover, and Coca-Cola.

It is an open-source platform, which means its source code can be altered as per the requirements. Running an online store on Magento empowers merchants with exceptional customization abilities.

But here is a catch!

Magento also requires exceptional technical skills to tweak the platform. Hiring a Magento developer with relevant skills can help you sail through the ocean of technical difficulties. There can be multiple instances when you require a skilled Magento developer by your side.

In this blog post, I will show you how to hire a Magento developer for your store!

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Why Hire a Magento Developer?

Before we discuss the main point, first, let’s understand why you need a Magento developer. There can be various instances in your eCommerce journey where you need a Magento developer to get your back. It can be a critical error that prevents your customers from placing orders, serious security issues, or high-end customization needs. A proficient Magento developer can help you with all these.

Hiring a Magento developer can help you…

  • Customize Your Magento Store: Proficient Magento expert can help you tweak the store design and theme as per your requirements.
  • Implement New Features: You can get custom features and functionalities developed in your Magento store as per your requirements.
  • Fix Technical Issues: Expert Magento developers can help you fix any type of technical issue and protect your store from a sudden collapse.
  • Improve Store Performance: Magento developers can work on optimizing your store for better performance and speed for higher efficiency.
  • Upgrade Your Magento Version: Proficient developer can help you keep up to date with the latest version of Magento so that you never miss any updates.

Analyze Your Requirements Before Hiring

First things first – you’d analyze your requirements before hiring a Magento developer. Some of the questions that you should ask yourself before hiring a Magento developer are:

  • What Type of Developer Do You Need?
  • Do You Need a Developer or a Company?

What Type of Developer Do You Need?

This is the first and foremost question that you must ask yourself before hiring a Magento developer. Mainly, there are three types of developers, and you may need a specific type of developer to perform a specific task.

  • Front-end Magento Developer: Required for developing the storefront design, functionalities, and features.
  • Back-end Magento Developer: Required for back-end server-side coding and developing custom features like data processing.
  • Full Stack Magento Developer: Required for high-end customization requirements, such as extension development, integration of 3rd party apps, etc.

Do You Need a Developer or a Company?

After finalizing the type of developer you require, the second question that you should ask yourself is whether you need to hire a developer or a company. In case you are a small business owner and looking for some minor tweaks and customization, you may hire a dedicated Magento developer. However, it is advisable to go for a team of developers or consult a Magento development company for heavy customization requirements.

In the case of individual developers, you may also require to choose between hiring them on a full-time or freelance basis, which may be according to your requirements.

How to Hire a Magento Developer [4 Points To Consider]

Hiring a Magento developer is not a big deal, but choosing the right candidate is!

Here are the four things that you can consider to hire a perfect Magento developer for your store:

  1. Reviews and References
  2. Portfolio & Certifications
  3. Availability and Communication
  4. Skill Test

1. Reviews and References

The main problem while hiring a Magento developer is that every candidate brags about his/her skills, making it tough to pick the genuine one. They may lie about their skills and expertise, but their reviews and ratings won’t!

In case you are hiring Magento developers from reputed platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr, you can check out the reviews left by their previous clients on their profiles. This way, you will have a clear idea about their actual expertise, professionalism, skills, and turnaround time. Consider this first if you are hiring freelance developers to filter out unskilled professionals during the vetting process.

You can also consider reaching out to their previous clients for references. This can be helpful if you are hiring a candidate who is new to the platform and have no reviews.

2. Portfolio & Certifications

Now, you have selected a few candidates with impressive work histories based on the reviews and ratings. Great!

It’s time for a further vetting process.

Ask the developers to share their portfolio or their best projects. This way, you can review the developer’s practical skills and work quality, making it easy for you to vet the candidates. You can also take certificates into consideration to validate their claims. For example, you can totally rely on an Adobe-certified Magento developer. Adobe has different Magento commerce exams that certify developers.

3. Availability and Communication

Developer availability and timely communication are important aspects of the project’s success.

Considering the developer’s availability and mode of communication is highly important when you are hiring a remote or freelance developer. The difference between the time zones should also be considered while hiring an offshore Magento developer. It is obvious that no developer can be available 24/7, and therefore it is essential to ensure that he/she is available during your working hours.

Moreover, ensure that the developer agrees to use a communication channel that is convenient to you.

Ensuring these two things will help you efficiently communicate with the developer and get things done as you want.

4. Skill Test

Hiring a Magento developer is an easy task but should not be overlooked. It is an important decision that can affect the overall growth of your business and should be taken with utmost care. Hiring the wrong Magento developer can cost you time, money, and resources. Furthermore, a novice developer can also make your website collapse and negatively affect your online reputation.

Include taking a small skill test to be more confident about the skills and capabilities of the developer that you are hiring. This will help you filter out the liars that claim to be the “Magento Experts”. Ask the developers if they are ready to take a small skill test as a part of the vetting process.

What Skills to Prefer in Magento Developer

Things that make the Magento experts stand apart from the rest of the newcomers are their skills. Let’s talk about the skills of the professional Magento developers that you should look for.

  • Coding Skills: A Magento developer should be very well versed in the different programming languages that are used in Magento development. The skills should match your project requirements.
  • Market Knowledge: The eCommerce world is ever-changing, and the Magento developer should be up to date with the latest trends in the market to provide cutting-edge solutions.
  • Creativity: It is essential to have a creative and out-of-the-box thinking developer by your side if you want to develop a unique storefront.
  • Proper Time Management: It is imperative to hire a developer with good time management skills to meet tight deadlines and ensure timely progress.
  • Effective Communication: Magento developers should have good communication skills in order to understand your requirements, such as ‘What you want?’, ‘How you want?’, etc.

Why You Should Hire Magento Developers From Meetanshi

Hiring the right developer can help your business progress in the right direction and vice versa. If you are struggling to find a proficient Magento developer or your current Magento developer is not doing things in the right way, you can rely on us. We are a leading Magento development company offering a range of Magento development services and extensions.

We are a team of Adobe-certified Magento developers who can completely take over the development project so that you can focus on other important things. Our skilled Magento developers are also available for hire at a fixed or hourly rate.

Here are some benefits of hiring dedicated Magento professionals from Meetanshi:

  • Seasoned Professionals
  • 100% Success Rate
  • Assurance of Data Security
  • Fast Delivery
  • Maximum Uptime
  • Affordable Rates

Platforms to Find Professional Magento Developers

There are different online platforms where you can find skilled Magento developers to hire for your online store. Discussed below are some of the popular online platforms to hire Magento developers for your next project.


How to Hire a Magento Developer - Upwork official page

Upwork is a reliable freelance platform where millions of professionals are available for hire. You can find plenty of professional and experienced Magento developers on Upwork. You can post your project requirements on the platform and wait for the freelancers to bid on the project.

Through Upwork, you can easily find reliable Magento developers to work on your project at an hourly or a fixed rate.


How to Hire a Magento Developer - Fiverr official page

Fiverr is a seller-based freelance platform where different professionals list their services. You can find an expert Magento developer by browsing the services that you require for your online store. The uniqueness of this platform is that it allows you to find developers specific to your requirements, making it easier to find professionals that are skilled in that specific service.


How to Hire a Magento Developer - freelancer official page

Freelancer is one of the well-known platforms for finding remote talents. It is one of the best ways to find freelance Magento developers at affordable rates. Just post your project requirements with a budget, and find ample Magento professionals bidding on it.

No matter what online freelancing platform you choose, one thing to keep in mind while hiring a remote developer is their ratings and project completion rate.


LinkedIn is a leading social media platform that is purely for professionals and is used by more than 830 million professionals around the world.

It is an excellent platform for finding Magento developers for your next requirements. You can post a job requirement on the platform to get applications from interested candidates or simply use the search box to find professionals in the Magento field. This can be highly convenient if you are looking for Magento developers from a specific geographical location.

Final Take

Magento, being a complex eCommerce platform, requires expert hands to fulfill the customization needs. The store owners may require to hire a Magento developer for custom store development needs, or sometimes it may also become a necessity in case of critical bugs or issues.

There are many bottlenecks in the process of hiring a perfect Magento developer for your store, which can be painful if you are running short of time. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a certified Magento developer from a reputed Magento development company such as Meetanshi to handle all your development needs!

Hire Magento Developer

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How to Hire a Magento Developer [A Complete Guide]

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