Top 9 Ways to Build Brand Loyalty in E-commerce

Top 8 Ways to Build Brand Loyalty in E-commerce

In the world of technology, it is essential to make an online identity and start selling using the internet and build your business.

Well, the majority of the businesses have started leveraging the internet in order to grow business faster by adopting technological change. It is easy to make an E-commerce store using technologies like Magento 2, Shopify, Wix, WordPress and so on.

There are thousands and even millions of E-commerce stores worldwide. If you are an E-commerce owner, it is essential for you to differential your E-commerce store from competitors.

Companies like Amazon and AliExpress are two of the biggest E-commerce players in the world. These two companies are extremely successful not only because of the outstanding online shopping experience they give to their customers but also because of amazing brand loyalty they have been building since they started a business.

Brand loyalty eventually leads to customer loyalty.

After reading this blog, you will come to know how to convert your customers into promoters!!!

Let’s figure out what are the best ways to increase brand loyalty of your E-commerce store.

9 Best Ways to Increase Brand Loyalty of E-commerce Stores:

  1. Referral Method
  2. Offer freebies
  3. Request Feedbacks
  4. Customer Engagement
  5. Give delightful packaging & fast delivery
  6. Improve refund policy
  7. Content marketing
  8. Use of chatbots
  9. Offer Try Before Buy

Top 9 Ways to Build Brand Loyalty in E-commerce

  1. Referral Method

    Referral method is generally used to attract new customers with the help of your existing customer. Using this method, your existing customer will send a link or a referral code to new customers and when new customers apply the referral code, the existing customer and new customers both will get some benefits in the next order.

    For instance, new customers will get 50 INR flat discounts in the first order and the existing customer will get 50 INR flat discounts in the next order.

    By doing this, when customers want to buy a new product, they would prefer your E-commerce store. In addition, to get a discount on the upcoming orders, they would tell others to create an account in your E-commerce store and buy products.

    If you are a Magento 2 store owner and want to implement the referral system, the Magento 2 Coupon Code Link extension can be useful that makes it easy to apply coupon code using a link!

  2. Give Something for FREE

    It is a human tendency to get a free product or service. When a customer buys expensive products from your E-commerce store, you should give free stuff.

    Let’s say you have an E-commerce store of assembling and selling high-class gaming personal computers. Assuming that the price of that computer is 1 Lac INR.  When a customer orders this product, give him a free mouse pad.

    Doing so will contribute to enriching the shopping experience of the store and boost the brand loyalty of that customer!

    Meetanshi’s wide range of free Magento extensions can also help you with enriching the store’s features.

  3. Ask for Feedback

    Asking for feedback always helps.

    Also, requesting the feedback at an appropriate time matters.

    If you are selling an electronic item and asking for feedback right away won’t help. Instead, waiting for a week and then requesting the customers’ opinions about the product shows that your store cares for the customer experience even after the purchase is made!

    Eventually, customers would definitely buy again from your store and this is how you can increase brand loyalty of your E-commerce store.

    The Magento 2 Review Reminder extension is a great tool to remind the customers to leave a review by automated review reminder emails!

  4. Engage with Customers

    Data is the king. While registration, ask for the birthday of your customers. Understand the behaviour of what a customer usually purchases.

    On the birthday of your customers, send them an email and wish them. In addition, offer something like this…

    • Birthday week special! Get a 10% flat discount.
    • Birthday month special! Get 5% discount on 5 purchases.

    By understanding the purchase behaviour of the customer, give a special discount on a product. For instance, if a customer has purchased apparels of male, give a discount on that category.

    You should also wish customers on WhatsApp by sending an image.

    There are other ways too to engage with the customers at the time of offering support service. Or reaching out to them for surveys and feedback!

  5. Give delightful packaging and fast delivery

    Premium packaging increases brand loyalty. Packaging and fast delivery accounts to better shopping experience.

    These are the two areas where you can easily thrive to increase brand loyalty. In this competitive market, if your business manages to deliver faster with outstanding packaging, it will skyrocket your brand reputation.

    The Magento 2 Order Tracking extension that allows the customers to track their orders using order ID and email address without having to log in is a perfect way to increase customer engagement, improve order delivery experience and earn their trust!

  6. Refund or exchange policy

    It is not possible that you are an online store owner who has not faced a product return till now!

    There are times when customers may not be satisfied with the product/service due to some damage, dislike, or duplicate product.

    Handling such kind of situation and yet winning customer’s heart is challenging.

    You should build an easy refund and exchange policy so that when customers dislike our service, we can build trust by refund and exchange policies. Using extensions like Magento 2 Refund Request makes it easy for the customers to request for refunds without having to log in and also makes it easier for the admin to manage these returns.

  7. Content marketing

    Content marketing is all about educating customers more and more about what you offer.

    For instance, if you have an online grocery store, create content regarding what are the benefits of consuming your products.

    It is not only regarding your products. It is more about taking care of customers. In this unprecedented time of covid19 outbreak, create content something like…

    • How to boost your immunity from the protection of Covid19?
    • How do masks protect us from coronavirus?

    Content can be created in four forms that are image, video, audio and blog. Use social media platforms to aware people and increase the brand loyalty of your E-commerce store.

  8. Use chatbots to solve instant queries

    While making a purchase, many questions regarding products can be raised. That is why make sure you create a section call “Frequently Asked Question” on each and every product page.

    In order to solve instant queries, Chatbots are the best option. Chatbots help to solve all the questions that come in customers’ mind while buying a product.

    Also read: Top 13 Benefits of Live Chat For E-commerce

  9. Offer Try before Buy

    Allowing customers to try your product before buying is an effective strategy to build long term trust and loyalty as well.
    Though the customers are preferring online shopping increasingly, there’s still anxiety for them as they cannot physically check the product themselves.

    You should offer the facility of “pay later” and let customers try products before buying.

    As an E-commerce store owner whether you offer products or services, you should provide something like this…

    • Get 7 Day Free Trial
    • Buy Now with 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

    The try before buy campaign not only increases brand loyalty but also:

    • Reassures the customers
    • Build trust
    • Encourages conversion
    • Adds value to your products

It takes time to increase brand loyalty. But that must not stop you from offering your best!

The more you provide good shopping experience and the more you help to your customers, the faster you manage to increase the brand loyalty of your E-commerce store.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.

I would love to solve your queries.

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Thank you.

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