How to Add Custom Tab View in Magento 2

Add Custom Tab View in Magento 2

The tab view provides a manageable way to switch between distinct views by clicking on some of the tabs or by swiping between the views.

The general behavior of the tab view component is to load its items on click. Respectively, the content load and unload events get fired while switching between the views.

If the content is added separately using the menu or a simple link and whenever the users click the menu or the link, it increases the load time of the store. As website optimization is the most significant factor, to boost the speed, one can add custom tab view in Magento 2.

Tab view0 gets loaded immediately on page load. So it’s the best practice to add custom tab view in Magento 2 to optimize the page load time.

Steps to Add Custom Tab View in Magento 2

Well, Magento gives inbuilt tab view facility located in file tabs.js at lib/web/mage/. We can directly call that file in our custom phtml file. Here is the example to add a custom tab view in our phtml file.

1. Add the code given below in your custom phtml file.

After implementation of the above tab view, you can see the output as shown in the image.

How to Add Custom Tab View in Magento 2 1


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