How to Use a Recent Sales Popup to Boost Conversion in E-commerce

How to Use a Recent Sales Popup to Boost Conversion in E-commerce

Recent Sales Popup is a marketing tool that notifies the website’s visitors about the buyer’s activity.

Popups are common in E-commerce and can help boost the business in terms of revenue or newsletter subscription if used correctly.

A recent sales notification popup helps boost your revenue in an E-commerce store.

It’s one thing to attract website visitors. It’s another to convince them to convert.

Marketers employ different approaches and tools to convert the website visitors and recent sales notification is one of them. Trigger the visitor to make a purchase by luring them, leveraging their FOMO or simply promoting the best-sellers.

There’s much more to it. Read the post to learn the use of a recent sales popup to boost conversion in E-commerce.

How Recent Sales Popup Can Help to Boost Traffic and Conversion in an Online Store:

Ways in which the use of a recent sales popup can boost conversion in E-commerce store:

Show that the brand is loved!

A visitor might bump into your website via social media or ad campaigns but is not familiar with your brand. The attractive taglines or images may have lured him/her to the website but a smart customer does not make a purchase easily.

However, with recent sales popups, a business has a chance to show the popularity of the brand and how people are loving their products! Win their trust and prove your reliability and security using the already existing customers’ experience.

Easy promotion of your best-sellers

The times have gone where you would send the newsletter with a list of your trending products and requesting the subscriber to come and visit your site.

Instead, let everyone know what are your best sellers. Use the recent sales notification popups to announce what everyone is buying and which product is trending!

No more annoying Emails that end up in the trash!

Push to make a decision

A potential customer is hanging on a product page, confused if to buy that item or not.

And meanwhile, a recent sales popup appears notifying him/her that another user has bought that item just now. This popup will push them from the state of confusion to state of decision.

They will be encouraged to purchase that item for themselves too.

The users at the end of the sales funnel can be converted into paying customers with a recent sales notification!

Leverage FOMO

The fear of being missed out!

We all suffer from FOMO, including your customers. Leverage this psychology using a recent sales popup. If a visitor on your website sees that someone purchased an item, driven by FOMO, they will check the same product too and to some extent make a purchase of the same item.

So, the recent sales popup helps in conversion and hence the revenue when people do not want to be left out. Show them that people just like you are not only visiting the website but also buying the items unlike them. Trigger them to convert!

Urgent need to purchase

Create a sense of urgency.

Show them that people are already purchasing the items which they are viewing. There are chances that they might go out of stock.

Seeing a lot of purchases for an item that they’re interested in or viewing could be enough to trigger a visitor to buy before they miss out!

Trigger Ideas

A random smartphone user is browsing your website without any purpose to buy. The recent sales popup has the power to turn even turn this visitor into a converting customer!

Yes! you read it right.

Someone purchasing the product can inspire him/her to check and get it for themselves too. They might find it useful, the only thing was they didn’t know such a thing existed. But this popup led their way to a useful product! (and conversion for you 😉)

If you are a Magento 2 store owner and want to leverage these benefits of the recent sales popups, there’s an easy way out – Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Recent Sales Notification extension!

The extension displays “Someone recently purchased” notification popup in real time to attract visitors to buy the bestselling and trending products.

Also, it offers:

  • Option to customize the popup design and text using system variables
  • Set custom position for popup
  • Responsive popups
  • Option to set popup display time to keep showing the popup for the specified seconds.

and much more!

Or if you are a Magento store owner, you can leverage the same features using Magento Recent Sales Notification.

Now that you have your hands on the most effective marketing strategy to boost the conversion, get started with it today only!

Do let me know how you benefitted from implementing the recent sales notification popup in the Comments section below.

Also, spread the word about this tactic amongst the E-commerce store owners via social media.

Thank you!

Magento 2 Recent Sales Notifications

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