How to Update Layout Using Observer in Magento 2

How to Update Layout Using Observer in Magento 2

The default Magento 2 layout can’t be enough to create an attractive and eye-catching storefront. The layout must be in accordance with the business and customer type that helps in gaining more traffic and help in conversion.

However, to change the layout you need to follow the below solution. I have posted this method to update layout using observer in Magento 2 store.

Method to Update Layout Using Observer in Magento 2:

  1. Create events.xml file at path [Vendor]\[Module]\etc\frontend\events.xml
  2. Create UpdateLayoutObserver.php file at path [Vendor]\[Module]\Observer\UpdateLayoutObserver.php
  3. Create custom_layout.xml file at path [Vendor]\[Module]\view\frontend\layout\custom_layout.xml
  4. Create custom.phtml file at path [Vendor]\[Module]\view\frontend\templates\custom.phtml

That’s it.

Follow these steps and update the layout of Magento 2 store pages easily.

I would entertain any doubts on the topic mentioned in the Comments section below asap.

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