How to Uncancel Order Directly From Database in Magento

The default Magento does not allow the admin to uncancel an order.

However, sometimes the admin is compelled to uncancel an order in Magento 1 or Magento 2 store.

For example, if the customer places an order and completes the payment from their side but the order gets cancelled due to a technical glitch!

Such a thing may happen while using hosted payment methods where the customer is redirected to the hosted payment gateway and returns to Magento store after payment is done. If there is an issue in the hosted page, the customer returns to the Magento store and their order is considered complete, which actually is not the case.

Integration with third party payment gateways may sometimes cause such a problem but in such case, the admin can uncancel order directly from database in Magento.

You may use the below solution even when you mistakenly cancel an order from the backend.

Such human errors or technical glitches are going to happen but here’s the way back so as to not make your customer angry and not affect your customer service adversely!

Method to Uncancel Order Directly From Database in Magento:

  1. Go to your store’s database.
  2. Open the “sales_flat_order” table
  3. Change the “state” and “status” column to “pending_payment” from “Cancelled” as shown below:

How to Uncancel Order Directly From Database in Magento

That’s it.

If you have queries, feel free to ask in the Comments section below.

I would like to solve your problem.

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