Solved: Magento 2 Navigation Menu Not Showing

Solved: Magento 2 Navigation Menu Not Showing

Top navigation menu makes it easy for visitors to navigate through the Magento 2 store. Any issue with the navigation menu is not tolerable as it affects the user experience in your store!

Magento developers generally face the issue of the top navigation menu not displaying in the frontend. The product categories are not showing even after they are added to the admin panel. This is a widely faced problem in Magento development. It occurs when changes are made in the Root category. You need to look after the additional configuration settings when changes are made in the default category or new root category is created.

To solve this common problem, follow the given steps or you can also check this video:

Steps to solve the issue of Magento 2 Navigation Menu Not Showing:

Step 1: Add a root category

  • Login to admin panel
  • Navigate to Catalog > Categories
  • Click Add Root Category
  • Assign category name.
  • Enable the category and include in menu action.
  • Save the configuration.


Step 2: Add a subcategory of the new root category

  • Select the newly created Category.
  • With the new Root Category, click Add SubCategory.
  • Assign Name. I’ve given Jacket.
  • Enable the subcategory and include in menu action.
  • Save the configuration.


Step 3: Choose the new root category

  • Navigate to Stores > All Stores
  • Click Main Website Store3_Choose-New-Root-Category


  • In the Root Category drop-down menu, select the category you’ve created. In my case, it’s Jacket.
  • Click Save Store.



Implementing these steps will help you with the navigation menu problem.

Help visitors walk through your store and offer excellent user experience!

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6 comments On Solved: Magento 2 Navigation Menu Not Showing

  • But in root category youre adding Jacket and Jacket is a subcategory. how it comes to show in root category drop down menu?

  • I checked it the same way but it didn’t work!. it’s defaultly shows 404 error… and the page url doesnt contain .html at the end. How to fix this!

    • It won’t matter if the page URL doesn’t contain .html
      Please try to run the below command:
      php bin/magento indexer:reindex

  • Didn’t Worked for me.

    • It’s sad to hear but make sure you followed the steps properly. There might be some another issue which doesn’t let this solution work. So check for that as well.

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