How to Select The Best Magento 2 Migration Agency

How to Select The Best Magento 2 Migration Agency

Magento has announced the End of Life for Support to Magento 1.

Are you still running your store on Magento 1? If yes, continue reading.

Magento 2 is better than Magento 1 in every aspect and this should be enough to compel every merchant to migrate to Magento 2 and stay ahead of the competition. The latest Magento 2.3.5 version offers all the platform upgrades and security features that you need to be a competitive E-commerce store in the 21st century!

Apart from the awesome benefits, one more reason why you should not continue with Magento 1 is security. As Magento no longer releases security patches, the store becomes vulnerable to spams and attacks. The customers’ sensitive data can be at risk, which in turn risks the brand’s reputation and business.

Now that we know it is utmost necessary to migrate to Magento 2, avoid the mistake to not consult a professional company for the same!

A professional Magento 2 Migration company can save you from the complex process and mistakes that are likely to happen with Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration process due to the last minute panic.

With lots of agencies offering Magento 2 Migration Service, how to decide the best one for your store and within your budget? Here are a few points that you can consider while hiring a Magento 2 migration company.

Points to remember while hiring a Magento 2 Migration Company:

  1. Check the expertise in Magento
  2. Check the experience in Magento 2 migration process
  3. Check their migration process
  4. Check their past process
  5. Check their customer reviews
  6. Check their familiarity with the latest technologies
  7. Check the assurance they give for store’s security
  8. Check their other Magento related services
  9. Check their support services
  10. Check their delivery time
  11. Check the cost estimate
  12. Check their pre and post-migration service

How to Select The Best Magento 2 Migration Agency:

  1. Check the expertise in Magento

    Make sure to hire a certified Magento developer to avoid any glitches in the task. It is always good to hire a certified Magento developer who ensures expertise in the Magento CMS.

    The platform can be complex and the Magento 2 migration can be even more complex owing to the size of the store. But, a certified developer can help you overcome the hurdles in the migration process in an expert’s way.

  2. Check the experience in Magento 2 Migration Process

    Apart from the certification, the experience in the migration process plays an important role. If the developer has enough prior experience with migrating Magento 2 stores, he can help you avoid common mistakes that we are likely to make if not for him.

    An experienced developer will also be an expert to complete the process within a limited time. Now that the Magento 1 EOL is nearing, it is obvious that there is no much time left. In such scenarios, an experienced developer can finish your project within the time limit.

  3. Are they following a thorough Magento 2 Migration process?

    The official recommendation of Magento 2 migration helps avoid any issues and successfully migrate the store to the latest version. So, check if the developer or company you hire for the migration process follows the official document or not?

    Any mistake in any step can lead to a long trail of mistakes and its correction which will increase the time and price of the project. Hence, it is better to ensure that the recommended process is followed.

  4. Check their past projects

    Have a look at their past projects related to the migration of the platform. Check how they have completed their past projects. Do they complete their work with perfection? Are there any pending features to be implemented in the store?

    A glance at their completed projects will give you a detailed idea about their work’s quality and guide your decision to hire or not a particular company.

  5. Check what customers think about them

    Genuine customer reviews tell a lot about a company. And this point is not limited to the migration project only. One can check customer reviews on Google, Facebook, or other review sites that are trustworthy before deciding a company for their Magento requirements.

    So, before you decide on an agency, check how they have dealt with their previous customers. You may not want to end up stranded in between the Magento 2 migration project!

  6. Are they familiar with the latest technology?

    It only makes sense to migrate to the latest Magento version in order to leverage the latest features to its fullest. However, a developer well versed with the latest version can help you better.

    A company already having eyes on Magento 2.3.5 can give you a little extra! And we all love that little extra!!

    So it is always good to hire someone who is familiar with the latest technology and Magento versions

  7. Are they ensuring the security of your store’s data?

    Security cannot be neglected at any cost. The store’s data security must be among the top priority while carrying out the Magento migration project.

    Is the migration company giving data security assurance? Are your customers and product data safe in the hands of the developer that you are selecting to migrate Magento 2?

    If the answer to these questions is yes, you are selecting the right company or hiring a capable developer.

  8. Have a look at their other Magento related services

    Check what else they are offering related to Magento. Are they offering other Magento development services? If so, have a look. It will give you an idea about their expertise in Magento, their business, customer reviews, and their pricing and support policy.

    You may not want to hire a developer who is limited to Magento migration. Vast knowledge in the field can be proved life-saving if any unwanted issue occurs in the process.

  9. Check their support service and policies

    Migrating a live store means there are chances of any issues at any time. So you may need instant support to fix them.

    You cannot keep your customers waiting. Any migration-related issues need to be attended asap in a live store.

    And also, check if the support service is included in the migration cost, or are there any hidden charges? Make sure of these things before closing the deal!

  10. Check their delivery time

    If you want to stand among the competition, you need to migrate to the latest Magento 2. But that is not enough. You need to migrate soon.

    The clock is ticking. Magento 1 EOL countdown has already begun.

    To offer the latest features and security as soon as possible will help you boost the traffic and conversion. Hence, it is necessary that your store is migrated to Magento 2 in a reasonable amount of time, albeit, depending on your store size and complexity.

  11. Are they budget-friendly?

    Budget can be a concern for small to mid-size businesses when it comes to upgrading the store platform to the latest Magento 2.

    So you can compare various migration service providers, their prices, and what is included under each. It will help decide a Magento migration service provider that adheres to all the utmost required features and suits your budget too.

  12. What do they offer pre and post-migration

    If you want to migrate to Magento 2 but do not know where to start, you need a company that will map out the entire process for you, help you understand the migration process, risk factors, benefits, and the impact on business.

    If they provide such pre-migration support, you can relax a bit. Moreover, they can suggest Magento 2 extensions after the migration process that will extend the functionality in the required area.

    Once the migration is done, if any issues come up once the Magento 2 store is live, the company cannot just escape from the support. A reputable company will solve your migration-related issue in no time. They will check if every functionality is in place and if there is any room for improvement.

So that’s it.

Now that you know the traits of a perfect Magento migration company, start your hunt now and enjoy the latest Magento 2 before June 30, 2020.

All the best with Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration!

P.S. Meetanshi offers Magento 2 migration service and is proud that the company fits in all the above criteria.

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