How to Remove Sort by “Price” Option in Magento 2

Remove Sort by Price Option in Magento 2

“Make the customer the hero of your story.” – Ann Handley

Every Magento 2 stores have a variety of products under different categories. Sometimes, it becomes tedious for customers to choose the product they exactly want. To boost sales and help the customer to find out specific items, one can sort category products in Magento 2.

Easy sorting allows visitors to check the products quickly with less scrolling. It enhances the onsite user experience.

Position, product name, and price are the default sorting options available in Magento 2.

to remove sort by price option from category page in Magento 2


Contradictory to adding sort by options, you may want to remove them. For example, you may want to remove sort by price option in Magento 2 for the below reasons:

Here, I’m explaining the steps to remove sort by price option in Magento 2, follow it to remove price sorting option and target non-budget focused buyers.

Steps to Remove Sort by “Price” Option in Magento 2

1 . Create di.xml in Vendor/Module/etc and follow the below code.
2. Next, create Config.php in Vendor/Module/Plugin/Model
After applying the above code, you can see the sort by price option vanished from the sort by options dropdown on the category page.

to Remove Sort by Price Option from Category Page in Magento 2


As easy as ABC, right?!

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