How to Remove Default Footer Links in Magento 2


Footer is one of the elements that often gets the least amount of attention by store owners.

The default Magento 2 has five footer links.

Once you install Magento 2, you’ll see these five links in the footer section:

  1. Search Terms
  2. Privacy and Cookie Policy
  3. Advanced Search
  4. Orders and Returns
  5. Contact Us

The default behavior of Magento 2 in the footer link looks like below:

remove footer link


However, based on business requirements, Magento 2 store may not want to display these footer links.

The reasons may be that those links need to be placed on the top and the visitor needs to see them at once they land on your page. Or, those links need not be on the page at all!

Now, if you want to remove default footer links in Magento 2, use the method below:

Method to Remove Default Footer Links in Magento 2

Use the below code in default.xml at <Vendor>\<theme>\Magento_Theme\layout.

You can remove footer links separately using the block name of the link as shown below.

Search Terms: search-term-popular-link

Privacy and Cookie Policy: privacy-policy-link

Advanced Search: catalog-search-advanced-link

Orders and Returns: sales-guest-form-link

Contact Us: contact-us-link

Use the above link names to particularly remove the footer link.

The output of the above code displays as shown below image:

How to Remove Footer Links in Magento 2


That’s it

You can also add and edit footer links in Magento 2 if required.

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