How To Remove “Add To Wishlist” button in Magento 2

How To Remove "Add To Wishlist" button in Magento 2

What is a Wishlist?

Most of us wrote wishlists each Christmas as a child or at least made note of our favorite items in the latest catalog. The E-commerce wishlist is just its modern version!

A wishlist in an online store is a feature that allows the visitors to mark an item or save it for future purchases. Usually, the wishlist is represented with a heart or star symbol as shown in the image below:

1_Wishlist on Magento 2 Store Frontend

How do the store visitors use the wishlist?

A wishlist is used by users in multiple ways. Generally, they are the middle option between shopping and forgetting the products. It so happens that they are not yet ready to order but not want to let go of that item. They want it for future reference!

In some cases, wishlists are just used as bookmarks! A bookmark to mark the products as they browse the store and revisit them later to evaluate before deciding to purchase. It may happen that people will just save a product to buy it later at the time of price drop or sale if there is no urgent requirement for that product.

However, wishlists aren’t always treated as a list of items to buy, but rather as inspirational mood boards or gift lists.

Will the wishlist help or hinder the sales?

Are wishlists a must-have for your store or just a distraction for a shopper to make a purchase?

We know the pros of wishlist like:

  • Easy to find the favorite product
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Reduced returns (in case of gifts)
  • Rationalized shopping behavior
  • Brand awareness (when you allow users to share their wishlist!)

However, there are some cons to the wishlists too!

And here are they:

  • Distraction from buyingWishlist prompts users to save the item instead of buying them. It acts as an alternative CTA, distracting the users from our goal of conversion and facilitating them to simply view the items and not buy!

    It may happen that when the user revisits the saved product in the wishlist in the future, it may go out of fashion, the desire to buy it may fade away, or the user may no longer have the requirement of that product!

    As a store owner, you need not worry if a user is purchasing products and later realizing they don’t want it anymore. But, if they are returning to a wishlist in the future, before buying anything, you’re more likely to miss out on sales.

    Allowing them to save the item in the wishlist for a price drop or make a decision is only going to delay the conversion!

  • Forgotten itemsIn most of the cases, the users forget about the items they saved in their wishlist list. To cope up with this con, you need to have your dynamic email marketing system in place and running! That means a lot of work and a budget!

    So, if you don’t have the budget or resources for such a system, wishlists are of no use to you!

When should I implement the wishlist in my Magento 2 store?

So what’s the conclusion for the implementation of the wishlist?

By now, we know that a poorly setup wishlist is either going to damage the sales or just be a useless element in the store.

You may dare to use the wishlist in your Magento 2 store if:

  • You offer gift products
  • You have the system of dynamic email marketing
  • You offer a wide range of products

If not, follow the below steps to remove “Add To Wishlist” button in Magento 2 store and be on the safer side!

Steps To Remove “Add To Wishlist” Button in Magento 2

  1. Log in to admin panel
  2. Navigate to Stores > Configuration
  3. Go to Wishlist under Customers
  4. Expand the General Options
  5. Set the option of Enabled to “No
  6. Save the configuration.

2_Disabling the wishlist in Magento 2 store

Don’t forget to clear the cache!

  1. Go to System > Cache Management.
  2. Use mass action to select all and refresh
  3. Click submit

3_Clear cache

Programmatic Method to Disable Wishlist Functionality in Magento 2:

Create default.xml file in vendor/module/view/layout and copy the below code:

That’s it.

I hope you can now make an informed decision to enable or disable the wishlist button in Magento 2 store. And also the steps to do so will be useful.

If you still have any doubts, feel free to mention them in the Comments section below and I’d be there!

I would be grateful if you share the post with fellow store owners and admins of Magento 2 stores via social media.

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2 comments On How To Remove “Add To Wishlist” button in Magento 2

  • Thank you for always a good blogging post.

    I have a question. If you click on the ‘add to wishlist’ button in the product list, you will be redirected to the wishlist page. Please let me know how to edit it so that I can click the ‘add to wishlist’ button and not go to the wishlist page.

    • Hello Peter,
      Thank you for the words of appreciation 🙂

      Make changes in the file vendor\magento\module-wishlist\Controller\Index\Add.php to not redirect to the wishlist page.

      However, please note that when you make this change, it applies to both the product page and category page as the same action is called.


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