Announcing the Exciting Partnership of Meetanshi With TemplateMonster

Meetanshi aims at exceeding E-commerce excellence. To achieve this goal, we are open to nurturing partnerships with Magento agencies, and developers. It is not only a win-win for partners but also benefits the E-commerce store owners.

As a part of our partnership program, we are glad to announce Meetanshi’s partnership with TemplateMonster digital marketplace!
TemplateMonster is a huge marketplace where store owners and developers can find high-quality products. They offer Bootstrap-based website templates, HTML5 and CSS3 ready-made solutions, website templates loaded with a website builder, and more.
TemplateMonster offers a wide variety of themes for stores built in various CMS like WordPress, HTML5, WooCommerce, Shopify, Prestashop, and Magento. They also offer PowerPoint templates, PSD and Joomla templates, landing page templates, as well as newsletter templates.

What is TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace?

Although TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace started its activity in 2002, its improvement and modernization do not stop. It still manages to gladden all the clients with cool updates.

In addition to this, it invites more and more independent authors who delight the audience with high-quality goods. In general, what are we talking about when we are talking about the TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace?

TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace is a universal platform for those who create different types of digital products.

templatemonster-digital marketplace

What are some characteristics that distinguish it from other choices?

  1. The TemplateMonster digital marketplace covers all popular digital product categories. You can be sure that relevant clients will come in search of the necessary ready-made solutions. The network of clients of this resource covers more than two million people. What about the products that you can add to the site? These are WordPress themes, eCommerce themes, plugins, graphics, templates for presentations, video, audio, 3D models, and others.
    marketplace-productsYou can always visit the resource and see the full list of ready-made solutions. If you do not find some products that you would like to sell, contact the team and send your request.
    Announcing the Exciting Partnership of Meetanshi With TemplateMonster 1
  2. In addition to this, you will not have any limits in terms of the number of products you can upload to the site. It is also crucial to mention that the entire payment system is absolutely clear and transparent.
  3. Suddenly, it might happen that you do not understand something at the first stages of working with TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace. There are several ways to get assistance. For example, it is getting in touch with your manager. He or she knows the answers to all questions related to your activity as an author. Various guides explain how to download products, sell them, describe goods, and receive money. You can also join the Facebook author’s community.
  4. The team always tries to improve the conditions for authors. For example, they have already increased the commission percentage. A personal manager is ready to help with an upload process and product promotion. The professionals who review your products check the assortment in a jiffy. If it does not meet certain requirements, they will share their tips for improvement.

What to Know About Commissions on the TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace?

  1. The initial commission for those who sell their products exclusively on TemplateMonster digital marketplace is 50-65%.
  2. Those authors who sell their assortment on several sites at the same time receive an initial commission of 40%.
  3. If you manage to sell a large number of products, your commission will go up to 65%
  4. Authors of graphic elements are not subject to the division mentioned on the top. They will always receive a 65% commission, even if they upload non-exclusive items to the site.
  5. The authors of OpenCart and Shopify templates can set prices for their templates themselves. The only condition is the minimum price of $29.

MonsterONE: All to Know About Subscription That Also Allows Earning Money

Announcing the Exciting Partnership of Meetanshi With TemplateMonster 2

Now, it is time to talk about MonsterONE. To begin with, the site states that this subscription is a universal collection of tools for various web-design purposes. Having looked through its range in detail, we came to another conclusion. This service can also appeal to those who are not engaged in web development and design. Therefore, we have compiled a small list of user categories that might have an interest in MonsterONE.


  1. Firstly, we should talk about the benefits of MonsterONE for web developers and designers. These professionals want to work with many custom projects. With a wide selection of ready-made solutions, they have a chance to increase the number of customers and profits.
  2. When we stumbled across the category with graphic elements, we realized that MonsterONE is suitable for more professionals. These are, of course, graphic designers and illustrators. They can take advantage of backgrounds, vector files, icons, fonts, and other tools.
  3. Templates for social media and corporate identity can be useful for those who work in the field of marketing and advertising.
  4. Finally, we would like to say a few words about bloggers and business owners. The latter can update the look of their online projects by choosing the most fashionable templates. Then, it is possible to adapt them to the latest trends. Bloggers might think about downloading various stock images for popular topics.

Advantages of MonsterONE to Keep in Mind


  1. MonsterONE gives access to a huge range of digital products. It includes ready-made templates for WordPress and other CMS, eCommerce themes, plugins, graphics, and presentation templates. Furthermore, subscribers can download stock media, video materials, and 3D models. All the above products can be downloaded an unlimited number of times.
  2. One of the biggest advantages of MonsterONE is the technical support that is available 24/7. You can ask for help in the general help chat. However, it does not include troubleshooting and assistance in terms of complex problems.
  3. We were pleasantly surprised that MonsterONE is actively cooperating with various related companies. As an example, you can work with Draftium Pro. It is a website prototyping tool that will be available for free. Collaboration with such resources as Crello or DepositPhotos gives you a small discount on their services.

MonsterONE Pricing

Without a doubt, we can’t miss the subscription price. First of all, we would like to mention that MonsterONE offers a free plan that includes:

  • graphics (templates for certificates and resumes, background images, illustrations, templates for social networks, and others);
  • dozens of WordPress templates and HTML templates;
  • audio and video templates;
  • 3D models.

We think that this is a pretty good offer. Perhaps, it suits those who do not have a big budget and those who want to get a demo version of the paid subscription.

Announcing the Exciting Partnership of Meetanshi With TemplateMonster 3

Announcing the Exciting Partnership of Meetanshi With TemplateMonster 4

Creative $82All-in-One $179All-in-One (Lifetime) $599
Graphic and design assetsWordPress and CMS themesWordPress and CMS themes
Presentation templateseCommerce themeseCommerce themes
Video and audio assetsPluginsPlugins
Unlimited projectsGraphic and design assetsGraphic and design assets
One-year technical supportPresentation templatesPresentation templates
Video and audio assetsVideo and audio assets
Unlimited projectsUnlimited projects
One-year technical supportOne-year technical support
Unlimited lifetime access


Both TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace and MonsterONE allow being authors and partners. This became possible thanks to the affiliate program.

  1. Each affiliate has access to the dashboard. It allows you to track sales and payouts, as well as select the necessary promotion tools. 
  2. Each user who pays for goods or services after clicking on your affiliate link will bring you a 30% commission. The following sales will bring you a 10% commission. There is also a 5% commission from your sub-affiliates. Being both an affiliate and an author means getting up to a 95% commission.
  3. A personal manager is ready to guide you through all the stages and explain all the details to you.

TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace vs. ThemeForest: Who Will Win?

TemplateMonster Digital MarketplaceThemeForest
Assortment of productsWordPress templates and plugins, HTML templates, eCommerce templates, CMS templates, graphic elements, presentation templates, video and audio solutions, and othersWordPress templates and plugins, HTML templates, eCommerce templates, CMS templates, newsletter and landing page templates, and others
The level of convenienceInstant registration, an unlimited number of products that you can upload, detailed recommendations for product adding and promotion, a personal manager who instantly answers all questionsThe opportunity to upload only one product at a time, the opportunity to sell both exclusive and non-exclusive items, access to additional information on forums and through Envato help teams
Commission paymentFrom 50% to 65%, if you are both a partner and an author, it rises to 95% (besides, the marketplace does not take taxes from payments)45%
Template’s review speedA quick check of templates, from one hour to five working days (the opportunity to get your first payouts faster)A long process of template’s check
Site popularitySecond place among marketplacesFirst place among marketplaces


The era of digital technologies and the Internet has brought brand-new opportunities and changes into our lives. Thus, no one is surprised by the popularity of various digital products and the importance of presenting your business on the Internet. For this reason, digital marketplaces will continue to work and supply users with excellent ready-made solutions. You can always become the one who supplies the most high-quality templates to TemplateMonster and MonsterONE. We hope that we have helped you to understand all the intricacies of the TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace. Do not forget about our promo code Meetanshi that allows getting a discount on any ready-made template or MonsterONE plan. Thanks for reading!

What Is Better Than Being A Part of the TemplateMonster’s Digital Marketplace? Grab All the Benefits Right Now!

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Announcing the Exciting Partnership of Meetanshi With TemplateMonster

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