Meetanshi is Now an Official Google Partner Company!

Meetanshi has achieved a new height in Google Ads Services. It becomes our utmost pride and honor to say that we are now an accredited Google Partner Company.

Google requires no introduction, especially when it comes to online advertising. It is considered the king of the internet that rules the online advertising business. We have added another milestone on our success path to providing excellent eCommerce solutions.

What are Google Partner Companies?

Google partners are the ad agencies that are qualified Google Ads services providing companies or agencies. Agencies or companies have to pass through the rigorous standards set by Google to test the advertising and product knowledge.

Google Partners Companies are the ad services providing companies that are well versed with Google Ads and have proved to run successful campaigns. Being a Google Partner means we have thorough knowledge about Google Ads and are capable of running successful campaigns.

Meetanshi as a Google Partner Company

Meetanshi has met all of the requirements to be a Google Partner

The hard work and dedicated efforts of our marketing team have paid off. Meetanshi has proved enough expertise and proficiency in Google Ads to earn the Google Partner Badge. Google audited our Google Ads manager account standards and has awarded us the badge of Google Partner. Our team has passed the certification exams, demonstrated competency in Google Ads, previously known as Google Adwords, and has passed the following Google Requirements:

  • Performance: We have successfully demonstrated excellent performance in running Google Ads and have maintained the minimum optimization score of 70%.
  • Spend: We have managed to spend a minimum of $10,000 in the Google Ads through multiple accounts in a time span of 90 days.
  • Certifications: Our Google Ads Strategists are certified in Google Ads that you can rely on.

How Will This Achievement Benefit Our Clients?

Google Ads is one of the important pillars of modern-day paid marketing tactics. Google provides Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing plans to generate more leads and get more conversions. Therefore, it is highly important to strategize your advertising plan to target the right audience and get the most out of your marketing budget.

Naive marketing staff and targeting the wrong audience can penalize you with higher CPC and can add up to your marketing budget and can hinder you from reaching your sales target.

Hiring a Google Partner Agency like us for Google Ads can benefit our clients in a variety of ways. Here are some of the important benefits of hiring a Google Partner Agency:

  1. Google Partners Know Everything – As stated earlier in this post, Google Partners are the companies or agencies with 360-degree knowledge about Google Ads and can help you to run the best possible ads campaign. On hiring a Google Partner company, you can stay assured about the success of your advertising campaign as the team will assure that it is reaching the correct audience.
  2. Google Partners are Always Up to Date – On earning the Google badge, the companies are eligible to receive timely training and information about the latest changes in Google Ads. Also, Google partners have to pass the tests to make sure that they are well-informed about the latest changes and updates. Thus, Google Partners are always up to date with the latest changes in ever-changing and evolving Google Ads.
  3. Google Partners Provide Professional Service – Earning a Google Partner badge is not enough, maintaining the same is. Google ensures that its partners maintain specific standards and revaluates them regularly. They have to maintain the highest level of service and prove excellence to remain partners. Thus, they provide quality professional services to their clients.
  4. Google Partners Are Always One Step Ahead –  Google Partners have access to the Google Beta Features and are always one step ahead of others. They have a direct line of connection with Google. So, Google partners can directly contact Google in case of any issues.  Also, they are constantly trained by Google to make sure that they are well versed with the latest features and know how to use them.

Thus, having said the above points, Meetanshi has proved excellence in online marketing and can be one of the best choices for a successful marketing campaign as it can help to target the correct audience, improve conversions, and get the most out of the marketing budget.

If you want to know more about being Google Partner, drop your question in the Comments section below.

Thank  you.

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Meetanshi is Now an Official Google Partner Company!

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