Magento Imagine 2019 – Recap & Insights

And it’s a wrap for Magento Imagine 2019 at Las Vagas!

Owing to certain reasons, team Meetanshi could not attend the event but kept an Eagle’s watch over the social media and the web to know the event’s happenings and what we were missing 🙁

We know the feeling and hence decided to give the gist of the marvelous Magento event for unfortunates like us. You can thank me later 😉

May 13, 2019, witnessed the official start of the three-day event, i.e., May 13 – 15, and there was no looking back!

Virtually attending the event,

The attendees enjoyed the legen- wait -for-it- dary party at the Encore Beach Club!!! (The list of things I missed is getting longer🙈)

The following day was equally terrific with these announcements:

  • Page Builder launched for the merchants to create best-in-class shopping experience without the dependence of developer support or creative limitation!
  • Live PWA Studio! Accelerate and enhance the future of M-commerce.

For day 2, we had some notable speakers, imparting their experience and knowledge,

  • Steve Krebsbach, Sr. Director at Global Cloud Operations, announced a two-tier architecture that’s launching later this year.
    “This two-tier architecture allows you to horizontally scale on the front end, and it allows you to vertically scale on the back end,” Steve said. “This allows you to take in more and more web traffic, and perform more and more transactions and queries. That means you can deliver more and more experiences to your shoppers.”
  • Coming along was Magento Masters Program to honor the 2019 Magento Masters MoversMentors, and Makers! These people are the stars of the community helping newbies to learn the Magento platform and succeed in the same.
  • Jenny Cheng spoke about the fast rate of change in the commerce world and technology-powered future in its full swing! “We’re seeing payments move from point of sale to point of engagement,” says Cheng.

  • Gillian Campbell was the next speaker to enchant the crowd with her discussion about how HP is embracing digital disruption! She noted 6 roles that an HP online store needs to perform:
    • reflection of the brand
    • customer experience
    • customer lifetime value
    • profitability, agility
    • Transformation enablementAnd that 3 commerce lessons applicable for all merchants are:
    • Put your customer in the core
    • Get the platform strategy in place
    • Leverage data and tech to drive consistent experiences!

  • Aubrey Bergauer, executive director at the California Symphony, talks about the issues on the site that can be fixed to grow the audience and importance of UX research! She says,
    “Invest in the diversity of your audience not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because there’s money in it.”
    Aubrey Bergauer sharing the statistics that show why diversity matters:

  • The crowd then witnessed the proud of the community, the winners of the Excellence and Commerce Ace Awards! Congratulations to the winners!
  • The most awaited Gary Vaynerchuk rocked at Encore Theatre and I’ll quote him that says everything about entrepreneurship, organic marketing, podcasts and the importance of content!
    “There are founders that are chasing metrics and building for venture capital not for actually building a good product”
    “You need to be educated to produce content and not outsource it to someone else or you are vulnerable”

Day 2 seems to be terrific! I guess readers like me would have decided not to miss the Magento Imagine 2020!

The next day started with Gary Specter’s announcement that says “Magento Imagine will be continued in 2020, in parallel to Adobe Summit.”

The one thing that was quite impressive is a large number of female speakers from the community which is refreshing and empowering! Keep going, ladies!

A huge shoutout to the organizers of the event and community!

The gist has surely made up my mind to attend the Magento Imagine 2020. What about you? Do let me know in the Comments section below 🙂


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Magento Imagine 2019 – Recap & Insights

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