How to Remove Minicart in Magento 2

How to Remove Minicart in Magento 2

E-commerce stores show mini cart for the customers to quickly review the summary of their orders. The mini cart or cart sidebar is usually denoted by the shopping cart icon. The mini cart also allows the customer to change the quantity of an item or remove an item from the cart.

The default Magento 2 offers mini cart on the left upper side where the customers can easily track the order summary. However, there is an option to remove minicart in Magento 2 store and simply redirect the customer to the cart page.

A customer may change his/her mind and remove an item from the mini cart. Simply eliminating that option and instead, taking them nearer to checkout by directly redirecting them to the cart page in one click is more feasible for some businesses.

You can remove the cart sidebar in Magento 2 with the steps given below:

Steps to Remove Minicart in Magento 2:

Steps to Remove Minicart in Magento 2

  1. Login to Magento 2 Admin Panel.
  2. Navigate to Stores > Settings > Configuration
  3. Under the Sales section, open Checkout
  4. Expand the Shopping Cart Sidebar section
  5. Set No in Display Shopping Cart Sidebar
  6. Save the configuration

That’s it.

You can also refer to the video tutorial to remove minicart in Magento 2 from our Magento 2 video tutorial series:

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