Magento 2 Page Builder – Everything you Need to Know [2022]

Page Builder in Magento that helps in creating content using pre-built drag-and-drop controls. These controls are also defined as “Content Types. The page builder in Magento 2 helps in managing the content effortlessly. Also, it makes it incredibly easy to create content-rich pages with custom layouts.

The popularity of drag-and-drop content management tools is in demand for a few years now because non-technical users can operate easily and quickly. 

Using Magento 2 page builder you can customize images, text, layout, or placement of the content elements on your webpage by dragging pre-designed rows, columns, blocks, buttons, sliders, etc, and edit them as per your desire. 

Magento drag and drop page builder provides a fast and intuitive interface for creating category and product content as well as full content pages.

Earlier, page builder was only available for the Adobe Commerce version. However, with the release of the Magento 2.4.3 version, page builder is available as a bundled extension for open source too!

Therefore, to leverage the full potential of the Magento page builder even if you are an open-source user, upgrade to the latest Magento 2.4.3 version.

Read how Magento 2.4 page builder is going to make the life of store admin much easier with functionalities like drag and drop, live previews, form editors, and more.

Top 8 Features of Magento Page Builder:

  1. Drag and Drop availability
  2. Endless content capabilities
  3. Enriched grid system
  4. Static and Dynamic blocks
  5. Creative Visual Effects
  6. Unlimited Integrations
  7. Enhanced Scheduling facility

Features of the Magento 2 Page Builder:

1. Drag and Drop availability

Using page builder for Magento 2, the store owner can easily drag and drop different “Content Types” directly from the sidebar menu of the editing space. This feature effortlessly simplifies how store owners can customize the look and content of your eCommerce website. There is no need to ask for any help from the developers to create a home page, catalog content, product pages, etc.

2. Endless Content Capabilities

Featuring rich and quality content is mandatory, and Magento 2.3 page builder empowers the users to build and manage dynamic as well as static content. The drag-and-drop feature possesses endless possibilities for customized design. Live preview functionality helps to review the content on the front end of your store. The store admin is capable of uploading all types of media such as images, videos, and sliders to maps for enhancing the visual experience.

All the layouts such as rows, columns, and grids help in writing the content for presenting in the most convenient and pleasing way. Content can be further optimized by designing borders, custom fonts, and text styling options. There are many other components available such as buttons, promotional banners, forms, etc in the Magento landing page builder. 

3. Enriched Grid System

The grid system is one of the enriched features provided by the Magento 2 CMS page builder. It enables the store admin to add columns of the same or different widths and add different content such as text, images, etc into them.

Store admin can effortlessly divide any website into different components and segments to display various content on it. Admin is capable of adding catalog product links so if any customer clicks on that particular grid then the customer will be redirected to that particular product page.

4. Static and Dynamic Blocks

Static blocks recognized as CMS blocks are specific blocks in which information doesn’t change. For example, adding a Google Maps static block of your store location or business location because your business location doesn’t change very often.

Dynamic blocks are used to display specific segments to your customers. It mainly includes promotional content which is only for a specific section.

5. Creative Visual Effects

Basically designing an eCommerce website is all about enabling the capability to customize your images, text or other content. The page builder in Magento 2 allows a wide scope to fine-tune your content on the webpage.

Contains types of borders can be added to columns and rows. Add customized border colour or add different textures such as dotted borders, dashed borders, double borders, etc. 

One can add padding to your rows and columns to offer a 3D appearance. You can also enable the parallax background for images. It means you can set the scroll speed of the background a bit slower than your page to induce an immersion effect.

You can also include maps and add your customer’s location to it. You can also design your map according to your website theme.

6. Unlimited Integrations

Magento 2 page builder allows integrating your favorite third party’s namely Maps, Vimeo, Youtube videos etc into your web pages. 

Effortlessly add product lists to any pages on your website. Whether it is the home page, blog pages, landing page, etc. Previously developers had to write complicated codes to import products or product lists on certain pages of your website. But now we can add product lists to our website in just some clicks using Magento website builder

7. Enhanced Scheduling Facility.

Create a page now and go live in the future on another date. Yes, you read it right. You can do that using Magento 2 Page Builder. This feature is the center of attention. Having a super special on this black Friday? You can entirely redesign your store to provide a Black Friday Sale feel and schedule it to go live on that specific date.


There are many eCommerce platforms providing simple user interfaces but store owners have to pay for add-on features that have customization restrictions. Therefore, Magento 2 Page Builder offers better scope for customization and user-friendliness. Store owners can tailor their website and can give a personal touch using Magento 2 Page Builder. 

At last, your website will be the face of your business and create the first impression to your customers. Nothing is better than styling your website design and fashioning your website.

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Magento 2 Page Builder – Everything you Need to Know [2022]

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