Top 10 Magento 2 Migration Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

Magento 2 Migration is a complicated process, if not properly planned. However, with Magento 1 End of Life by June 2020, one might panic, which may lead to some mistakes.

Any business cannot afford a glitch in the Magento migration process as it affects the entire store.

It may lead to disruption in product or order management, user experience, or the worst, the security of the data can be compromised.

To avoid such nightmares, here are some tips that you can go through beforehand and save yourselves from any mistakes while Magento 2 migration!

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Top 10 Magento 2 Migration Mistakes:

Common mistakes to avoid in Magento 2 Migration:

  • Not consulting a professional Magento Migration Agency

    The migration process is not as easy as it sounds. And not consulting a Magento migration agency for professional service can cost too much in the long run.

    You might be a Magento developer, but you do not have the experience of migrating hundreds of Magento 1 stores. You might not have witnessed various issues that rise up in the migration process.

    You might not be aware of the fact that simply migrating the store does not work and there are many things to be taken care of alongside such as SEO, migrating data, extension compatibility and the list goes on.

    So, if you select the best Magento 2 migration agency, they will take care of the details and offer the store, equipped with the features of the latest Magento 2 version!

  • No proper planning

    Starting a Magento 2 migration project without proper prior planning is the key to disrupted store functioning and mismanagement in the migration project.

    If you do not want it, take your time to plan things. Migration is a stepwise process, so plan each step and how it will be executed.

    The common mistake is seen majorly is that merchants are looking for compatible Magento 2 extensions halfway in the migration which delays the process. One can avoid it with prior research!

  • Not surveying the impact of migration internally

    Are your developers familiar with Magento 2? Is your marketing team well-versed with the Magento 2 SEO settings?

    Make sure to check the internal workflow and how the migration of your store will impact your team.

    Consider how each department in your company is going to be affected by migrating to Magento 2 and how they can play their part in the process.

  • Not enough testing!

    Testing is not just limited to the Magento 2 migration but it is a norm in our field.

    You skip the testing step only to know later in the actual projects what bugs were hidden and will have to deal with it at crucial times.

    It is better to allocate a considerable time in the testing of all functionalities in the store before it goes live as Magento 2 store.

  • Not adapting to the changes

    The migration process is all about leveraging the new features of Magento 2. However, some store owners fear that the new layout might not prove successful for their business. Or, the customers may take time to adapt to the new features.

    Also, apart from the fear of losing conversions, they may be worried about data loss, or security issues.

    But if your Magento 2 migration is in the hands of an expert or an experienced professional company, there’s nothing to worry about!

  • Not outsourcing the Magento 2 migration project

    If you want to migrate your Magento 1 store to Magento 2, having no or little knowledge of the field, it is obvious that you are dependent on someone for the task.

    However, how do you handle this dependency matter? Are you going to hire a full-time Magento 2 developer in your team or outsource it?

    Purchasing a Magento 2 migration service is a better choice in this scenario because it saves you from the recruitment process and costs, and also, you do not have much time now for all that! June is approaching and the timer is ON!

  • Not paying attention to the SEO aspect

    When you migrate to Magento 2, your search engine rankings may drop.

    But, it can be avoided if you take care of updating the robots.txt as per the site structure, optimize the content with the relevant keywords, speed up the Magento 2 performance, and work on the necessary redirections.

    So, avoid this common mistake and save your years of effort that you’ve put in the SEO!

  • Not letting go off of non-essential data

    The data migration is a tedious process. Though some store owners are ardent on keeping the ancient data forever and not let go off of the records that haven’t been used in years,

    But such a mistake might slow down the process and become a hurdle. You can always have the Magento 1 store backup on a local server if you want!

  • Not leveraging the ready-made themes

    There are excellent themes available out there in the market! But you think that a readymade theme might not be up to the mark?

    It’s a mistake to have that mindset. You can choose among the best Magento 2 themes and save time in customizing or developing one.

    There are Magento 2 themes available for all types of E-commerce stores such as furniture, clothes, electronics, etc. You can purchase the one that suits your business and offer the best user experience with a well-designed theme in your brand new Magento 2 store!

  • Not enough knowledge

    If you are not an expert with the migration process but insist to do it, you may end up with a mess.

    In order to have a successful migration of the Magento store and avoid any post-migration issues, it is crucial to have enough knowledge of the process.

    Also, if you are thinking of hiring an agency to migrate your online store, some knowledge could be helpful to monitor their tasks, inquire about them, and negotiate the cost reasonably!

So if you are planning to migrate to Magento 2, make sure to avoid these common mistakes. Or best, get Magento 2 Migration Service and leave the rest of it to us.

Also, you can contact us for any doubts regarding the Magento 2 migration process. Also, you can use the Comments section below for the same.

Our Magento certified and expert developers will be happy to help you out.

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Top 10 Magento 2 Migration Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

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