Solved: Magento 2 Backend Not Working

Solved: Magento 2 Backend Not Working

Magento 2 Admin is far better than Magento 1 with a better layout and organized user interface. However, there are possibilities of some issues due to which Magento 2 admin panel doesn’t work! ?

The backend administration not working is a common issue faced by admins. However, not common enough to be ignored! Here, I’ll discuss some of the common issues and their solution.

Possible Issues:

  1. The result of installing or updating

    You may get an error message after installing a new extension, upgrading one or applying Magento 2 core or an extension patch. The solution is to flush the Magento 2 cache via the command line. Run the below commands for the solution:


    1. The compilation hasn’t been started.It is necessary to restart the compilation when a new extension is installed in a production mode. If you forget it, the backend as well as frontend won’t work :(The solution is to reset the production mode again via the command line. Run the below command to check if the production mode is activated:
      If the current application mode is production, run
      to set the mode once again and reset everything from the start.
    2. An incorrect Admin URL
      It may happen that you are trying to access the backend with incorrect URL. Check the correct URL for admin panel via command line with the below command.
  2. The permission role is not set correctly
    To solve this issue, reset the permission role of your administrator from Admin Panel> Systems> Permission> User Roles.1_permission role

    1. Follow the below steps:
      1. Select the role name that needs to be edited.
      2. Switch to the ‘Role Resources’ menu.2_Role Resources
      3. Set the ‘Resource Access’ to ‘All’.
      4. Save the role and clear Magento 2 cache after the settings are configured.
  3. Backend not working when you upgrade or migrate your Magento
    In this case, the ‘Not Found’ message is displayed on the frontend when you try to access a page.
    One quick solution to the Magento 2 Backend not working is to run the below SQL query:

After reading this post, you’ll never get stuck with the problematic admin panel ?

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