How to Integrate ShortPixel for Magento Image Optimization

How to Integrate ShortPixel for Magento Image Optimization

Google considers page speed as an important mobile ranking factor. This update leaves no choice for the Magento store merchants than to perform actions to optimize the page speed in every way possible. One of the actions is image compression and optimization. Unfortunately, the default Magento does not offer any functionality for image optimization.

Hence, the merchants have to rely on third-party tools such as ShortPixel, Tinyjpg, Google Page Speed Insights, GTMetrix, etc. today, I have come up with a method to integrate shortpixel for Magento image optimization that allows to compress and optimize the images in the Magento store itself!

With this method, integrate shortpixel with Magento store. Compress the images of your store in such a way that the picture quality is maintained and at the same time the load time gets reduced. A reduced page load time positively affects the traffic and bounce rate of the Magento store.

Note: Another thing that you can do to improve the store performance is to use the Meetanshi’s FREE module, Magento Defer Parsing of Javascript, to automate the defer parsing of Javascript.

Method to Integrate ShortPixel for Magento Image Optimization:

  1. Visit
  2. Download the package for Shortpixel Website Optimizer
  3. Place it in your Magento’s root folder.
  4. Make sure you have assigned proper permission for this folder, i.e., read and write.
  5. Open https://[[Magento Store HomePage URL]]/shortpixel-web/webroot/index.php in your browser
  6. Enter the API key that you get in the Email while registration

Once activated, you can use the tool in your Magento store itself, as shown in the below video:

Follow the above steps and you have the shortpixel image compressor integrated with your Magento! Use it to compress and optimize images in Magento and witness a notable improvement in your Magento store page speed.

Hopefully, now the image compression is easier for you in the Magento store itself!

Do share your opinions about using shortpixel with Magento in the Comments section below. Also, I’d be happy to help you if you have any issue in the process.

Thank you.


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