How to Display Magento 2 Module List

How to Display Magento 2 Module List

Ever wanted to check which modules are listed in your Magento 2 store? Simply run the below commands and it will display Magento 2 module list!

Admin would want to uninstall annoying modules that are not useful anymore. The list of such modules can be sorted from the list of the installed extensions. We’ll also see how to enable or disable the modules further in the post. The method can also be used when two modules are conflicting and one of them is to be disabled.

Steps to display Magento 2 module list:

  • Log in to Magento 2 installation root folder: use SSH via Terminal or;
  • Run below command to see a full list of enabled or disabled Magento 2 extensions:


You’ll get the list as follows:


How to enable/disable or uninstall a Magento 2 module:

Magento 2 allows to enable or disable Magento-provided module or any third-party module that is currently available. See the commands for the same here:

  • To enable a module, use the command:
  • To disable a module use the command:
  • To uninstall a module use the next command:

Go on and check the list of Magento 2 module list. Get rid of the unwanted extensions now!

The above method is too easy to follow. However, any doubts in the implementation can be posted in the Comments section below and I’ll solve it asap.

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