How to Disable Password Expiration in Magento 2

Magento 2 is a popular E-commerce platform due to its features like scalability, performance and most important, security! However, one of its security features that says, “it’s time to change your password” is annoying for the developers working in the development environment or on a demo server.

Magento 2 admin is requested to change the password from time to time for security purpose. It’s a good feature to keep your online Magento 2 store secure, but in case of the development mode, it can be annoying. You can disable password expiration in Magento 2 with the below method:

Note: We would not recommend disabling password expiration in Magento 2 live/production mode!

Method to Disable Password Expiration in Magento 2:

  1. Navigate to Admin Panel > Stores > Configuration > Advanced > Admin.
  2. Leave the “Password Lifetime(days)” field empty to disable the password expiration.Password Lifetime

Doing so, you won’t be asked to change your password!

In case you set the number of days for “Password Lifetime”, and set the dropdown value of “Password Change” to “Recommended“, it won’t be mandatory to change the password. However, if the dropdown value is set to “Forced“, the admin panel will be accessed only after the password change.

Password Change


Hence, if the forced method is too much for you, set it to recommended and you can continue the administration tasks easily!

You can also refer to the video tutorial to Disable Password Expiration in Magento 2 from our Magento 2 video tutorial series:
How to Disable Password Expiration in Magento 2 1

The method is easy but still if you are having it, you can always ask any queries and errors related to the topic in the Comments section below.

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