How to Disable Filter for Column in Magento 2 Grid

Magento 2 grids are the way to manage data by listing the items in a database table.

The default Magento 2 grid allows the admin to sort, filter and edit the data. Moreover, the admin can also use mass action, searching, and pagination to act on bulk data.

While adding a custom column in the grid, it also displays in the filter option. However, not every column needs to be filtered. It’s better to keep the required columns in the filter area; otherwise, it will become messy if all the columns of your grid are shown in the filter option.

Thus you can disable the filter for column in the Magento 2 grid to remove any column of the grid from filter option. 

Here’s the quick solution to do so:

Method to Disable Filter for Column in Magento 2 Grid

You need to remove or comment the below line:

That’s it.

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