15 Creative Maintenance Page Examples [2022]

Fuel your creativity by taking inspiration from some of the most creative maintenance page examples described in this post.

Setting up an online website and populating it with beautiful pages and engaging content is not enough for a consistent online presence. It is equally important for webmasters to run regular maintenance activities to ensure a flawless user experience. No-downtime maintenance is not always possible, and sometimes you may need to take your website down to fix things.

In this fast-paced digital world, the infonauts are impatient to seek information. They don’t have time to land on your website just to discover that it is under maintenance. Such an event creates an extremely negative experience and hampers the brand image.

A bit of this can be improved by explaining to the visitors why the website is down and when it will be fixed or by adding some creativity rather than just showing a monotonous error page that reads, ‘HTTP error 503: The service is unavailable.’

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I will share the best practices for an effective website maintenance page in this blog post. Also, find the most creative website maintenance page examples that you can inspire from! In another post, we have also covered the best examples of creative 404 pages that you may like to read.

But before we explore the best creative maintenance page examples, first, let’s understand what a maintenance page is.

What is a Maintenance Page?

The maintenance page is a temporary page displayed to visitors when the website is down and unavailable. It informs the visitors that the website is out of service in an engaging way rather than just throwing some error code that makes no sense to the reader. A good maintenance page tells the visitor that the website is unavailable, along with the reasons and the time of the outage. The maintenance page is just a temporary placeholder that conveys the website outage in a better manner.

15 Creative Maintenance Page Examples & Best Practices

Let’s get back to the main point. I know you are here for some of the most creative website maintenance page examples.

Below are some of the best practices for maintenance pages, along with the most creative coming soon web page examples you can inspire from in 2022.

Keep Maintenance Page Simple & Clean

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci.

If you are not able to find any fancy way of telling that things are not working on your side (site) and your website is not available, then just say it in simple terms. Sometimes, it is better to go straight. Take the website maintenance page of Apple, for example. The renowned multinational technology company, well known for its quality products, prefers using a simple and sober website maintenance page.

Apple Maintenance Page

“We’ll be back. We’re busy updating the Apple Store for you. Please check back soon,” says the Apple store during its maintenance mode. This can be generally seen before their product launch events. It’s still a matter of debate whether it’s actual website maintenance or just creating market hype before the product launch. Apple knows!

Here comes another creative yet simple example of the website maintenance page of Del.icio.us. The maintenance page of the site just mentions what it should be – nothing else!

Delicious Maintenance Page Example

The web maintenance page provides a clear and smooth message to the visitors that the team is performing scheduled maintenance and will be back shortly. What else can be more simple than that? 😊

Another maintenance page example to inspire simplicity is that of Google AdSense. I must say, “Their maintenance page really makes sense!”

Google AdSense, when under maintenance, clearly communicates that they are under maintenance and also relieves their concerns regarding their earnings! Moreover, it also mentions the approximate period of downtime.


Google AdSense Maintenance Page Example

Simplicity and creativity are intimately related to each other. In case you are a brand focusing on simple yet creative innovations, you can take some inspiration from the simple yet creative maintenance page examples listed above.

Use Maintenance Countdown Timer

Each and every second of your website downtime due to maintenance can be painful if you are presenting an online store. In such cases, it is important to properly inform the customers about the maintenance and expected downtime. Using a maintenance timer may help.

Not being a braggart, but we also make the list of the most simple yet creative maintenance pages, and we take pride in that. Our creative team decided to keep it simple and informative for our valuable customers. It displays beautiful natural scenery in the background with our logo, a simple maintenance note, and a timer for our keen customers that are anxiously waiting.

Meetanshi Maintenance Page Example

If you are using the Magento platform, you can also create amazing maintenance pages using our Magento 2 maintenance page module. (No coding skills required!🚀)

Add a Bit of Fun to Website Maintenance Page

Adding some sort of fun to your website maintenance page is not bad at all. Take the website maintenance page of Ahrefs, for example. The leading SEO tool added a tint of fun and creativity to its maintenance page. Find a snowboarder skating through the valleys holding the Ahrefs flag in one hand!

Apple Maintenance Page

Cool, isn’t it?

How about enjoying the cool onshore breeze on a sunny day? Well, that’s what surfers do when the waves are on leave!

The maintenance page of Google wave advises the same to the visitors when it is on maintenance.

Google Wave Maintenance Mode Page

Although discontinued a decade ago, the maintenance page of Google wave inspires webmasters with its creative maintenance mode page. It inspires the wave surfers to chill and relax as the wave is down for maintenance.

Twitter’s website under the maintenance page is another example to inspire from. The leading social thoughts-sharing platform shows the following when it is overwhelmed by tweets from its users.

15 Creative Maintenance Page Examples [2022] 1

“Twitter is over capacity. Please wait a moment and try again,” mentions the Twitter website when it is down. It has been inspiring other website owners through its creative website maintenance pages since 2012.

Look how cool the Twitter maintenance page used to be in 2012.

15 Creative Maintenance Page Examples [2022] 2

Twitter, on its maintenance pages, also allows impatient visitors to check the website status if it’s available then or so.

Atlassian had taken the fun and creativity to the next level with its animated maintenance page. Their old maintenance page of Atlassian was as innovative as their products.

Atlassian Maintenance Page Animated

The animated website maintenance page also shows an informative note, “We’re down for maintenance. Be right back!”

Last but not least, in this category, the maintenance page of the BlogLines is what you can inspire to add some fun to your website when it is under maintenance. You can find a plumber literally fixing the Lines to make the BlogLines work again.

BlogLines Maintenance Page Example

The plumber on the maintenance page says, “Bloglines is down for a little fixer-upper. We will be back shortly. Bloglines will be better when I’m done with it.”

Speak Your Brand Through Maintenance Page

Marketers! Do not miss even a single chance to showcase what your brand stands for. Not even the maintenance pages. 🚧

Let’s have a look at some of the most creative maintenance pages of websites that truly represents their brand.

Stackoverflow, which is a knowledge-sharing platform for coders, did it in a unique way. You can find some random compilation errors on the Stackoverflow website, along with a simple website under maintenance notice.

Stack Overflow Maintenance Page

Furthermore, the Stackoverflow maintenance page also mentions the expected downtime on the webpage, along with the links to the official Twitter page and update blog for the visitors seeking more information.

The next amazing example of a creative website maintenance page is that of the Indian eCommerce business brand that is highly focused on the fashion and cosmetic niche. A major part of the company’s customer base includes women that are regular users of beauty & cosmetic products, and the maintenance page of its online store aligns very well with that.

Nykaa Maintenance Page Example

The image on the maintenance page of Nykaa truly resonates with its customer base. “We are the spa for a QUICK BEAUTY UPGRADE. We will be back soon!”, mentions Nykaa’s maintenance page. Soundcloud is another example of some of the most creative maintenance pages. The maintenance page of Soundcloud displays the logo, which is a cloud that is half composed of several verticle lines that symbolize sound, along with some creative words.

SoundCloud Creative Maintenance Page

The maintenance page of Soundcloud is a genius use of metaphor, which reads, “WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS!”

What you’d expect on the maintenance page of a movie-related site? Here is what the Opensutitles website shows to its visitors during maintenance. You can find a famous fictional character in the background of their maintenance page.

Most Creative Website Maintenance Pages Examples

Another great example of a creative maintenance page to inspire from is Producthunt. The product-sharing platform shows a cool cat wearing smart glasses on its maintenance page. The maintenance page mentions, “Sorry, we’re down for scheduled maintenance right meow”😺

ProductHunt Maintenance Page

Entertain & Engage the Visitors

Website maintenance can hit hard on the organic traffic as the site is unreachable during it. The visitor would just press the back button and bounce back to the search engine result page to find alternatives. But what if you can glue the visitor to the maintenance page until everything comes back to normal? Using interactive content on the maintenance page can help you retain visitors in case of short downtimes.

Take the maintenance page of MySpace.com in 2006, for example. The popular social networking website used to have the retro Pacman game on its maintenance page.

My Space Maintenance Page Example

The maintenance page also displays a short message about the maintenance from its founder. 😀

Experiment with this maintenance page with your website if you think your visitors will enjoy it.


Here comes the end of this post. It was full of inspiration for webmasters and online business owners to add some creativity to their maintenance pages. Inspire yourself with some of the most creative maintenance page examples and add a bit of fun to your website. In case you think that I missed mentioning any of the websites, feel free to comment.

Thanks for reading.

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15 Creative Maintenance Page Examples [2022]

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