How to Create Console Command in Magento 2

There are certain tasks that you do in a Magento 2 store that are mundane and repetitive and, unfortunately, they’re also often the most important. For example, running a custom cron after a fixed time period, or remove a directory after caching.

However, you can turn many of these boring processes into one-command affairs by using the below method to create console command in Magento 2.

The custom console commands in Magento 2 are very helpful when you want to perform tasks that are repetitive and are to be done in the same manner every time!

Here, I’ve taken a simple example to display a message when a custom Magento 2 CLI command is run:

Steps to Create Console Command in Magento 2:

  1. Create registration.php file in app\code\[Vendor]\[Namespace]\
  2. Create module.xml file in app\code\[Vendor]\[Namespace]\etc
  3. Create di.xml file in app\code\[Vendor]\[Namespace]\etc
  4. Create Ping.php in [Vendor]\[Namespace]\Model

Run following command:

The output message will be “Need Help Contact To”

Similarly, you can use the function execute() to create console command in Magento 2 as per your requirements.

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