How to Configure Magento 2 Price Scope

For the global platform such as Magento 2, having product prices in place is important!

The platform allows to set up different prices for the same product. But before indulging into the method, certain definitions about Magento 2 Currency such as base currency, allowed currency, etc. must be clear. If not, make sure to refer “A Complete Tutorial on Magento 2 Currency Setup” before you learn to configure Magento 2 price scope.

Why would a store merchant want the prices to be available at different prices for different stores? The answer is that the product price depends on a number of reasons including the cost of bringing the product to the market, the demand of the product based on location, shipping cost, and many more!

Talking about the price scope, or catalog price scope:

  1. What is Price Scope or Catalog Price Scope in Magento 2

    Price scope is the configuration for prices in Magento 2 web store catalog. Here, the base currency scope is used to configure the product prices at either the global or website level. For the “Catalog Price Scope” set to global, the same price is used throughout the store hierarchy. For the same set to website level, the product can be available at different prices in different stores. In the default Magento 2 setting, the scope of product price is set to “global”.

  2. Method to Configure Magento 2 Price Scope

    1. Log in to Admin Panel
    2. Navigate to Stores > Settings > Configuration
    3. Under Catalog, select catalog
    4. Expand the “Price” section
    5. From the drop-down, set “Catalog Price Scope” to either global or website
    6. Save the configurationConfigure Magento 2 Price Scope

Follow these steps to configure Magento 2 price scope or catalog price scope and you can assign different prices for the same product!

Also, you might want to check “How to Convert Price From Current Currency to Base Currency in Magento 2

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Thank you!

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