How to Change Admin URL in Magento

Given how frequent hacking and data breaches take place in E-commerce websites, it is a challenge for Magento store admin to secure the admin panel.

Previously, I had given the methods to change admin URL in Magento 2 stores.

However, it is a much-needed process for Magento stores comparatively. Hence, the methods to change admin URL in Magento!

The default Magento admin URL is quite predictable and prone to hackers’ attacks. Hence, securing your admin panel is utmost important.

Methods to Change Admin URL in Magento:

  1. Via Admin Panel
  2. Manually by editing local.xml file

Implementing each method in detail,

  1. Change Magento Admin URL via Admin panel

    1. Log in to Admin Panel
    2. Navigate to System > Configuration > Advanced > Admin
    3. Expand Admin Base URL
    4. Set “Yes” to Use Custom Admin Path
    5. Enter your custom path in Custom Admin Path
    6. Save your configuration.How to Change Admin URL from the admin panel in Magento
  2. Change Magento Admin URL by editing local.xml file

    1. Open local.xml via app/code directory from the root directory of your store.
    2. Replace the code:
      where, /secure-admin is my custom URL path. Enter the value of your custom URL path here.

After implementing any of the above methods, clear cache.

Change admin URL in Magento with any of the above methods to secure your store’s backend from the hackers.

If you have any doubts in the above methods, please use the Comments section below to mention them. I’d be happy to help.

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