30+ Affiliate Marketing Statistics You Need to Know [2022]

Affiliate marketing is an advertising system where a company outsources the work to third-party groups to generate leads and traffic for the company. The third-party publishers are called affiliates, and they are given commission fees to promote the company. As a part of digital marketing, the internet has increased the prominence of affiliate marketing and cookies, making it a billion-dollar industry. 💲

In this blog post, we are going to discuss some key affiliate marketing statistics for 2022.

These statistics can help you gain knowledge about affiliate marketing trends and generate greater ideas for your business strategy.

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General Affiliate Marketing Statistics 2022

  1. According to Google Trends, the volume of online searches for “Affiliate Marketing” has increased exponentially in the last five years around the globe. This means affiliate marketing is getting popular. 🚀
  2. A 2016 Rakuten Affiliate Network study found that over 80% of advertisers believe that affiliate marketing programs are pivotal to their overall marketing strategy.
  3. 79% of marketers reported that affiliate marketing helped them better engage their existing customers.
  4. 38% of all marketers believe that affiliate marketing is among the top customer acquisition methods.
  5. Over 50% of affiliate marketing traffic is generated from smartphones.
  6. The largest affiliate program in the world is Amazon Associates with a 43.7% market share. The list is followed by CJ affiliate with 7.67%, Rakuten Affiliate network with 7.24%, and ShareASale with 6.9% market share.
  7. The following are the largest affiliate networks:
    • AWIN media company has 15,000+ advertisers and 100,000+ publishers
    • ShareASale has 4,000+ merchants, including 1,000 brands
    • CJ Affiliate has 70,000 publisher collaborations and 4000 merchants
    • Amazon Associates has 900,000+ merchants worldwide
  8. Affiliate marketing has its downfalls too. According to an estimate, $1.4 billion will be lost due to affiliate marketing fraud. The limitations in affiliate marketing include unfair online commissions, bot traffic, cookie stuffing, and typosquatting. ⚠

Affiliate Marketing Industry Statistics

  1. Affiliate marketing has been growing over the years and is estimated to be valued at $12 billion in 2022.
  2. The digital media industry benefits massively from affiliate marketing as 15% of its total revenue comes from affiliate marketing.
  3. 83% of marketers have used affiliate programs to target customers during the discovery.
  4. 80% of advertisers confirmed to have allocated 10% of their budget to affiliate marketing in 2016.
  5. The United States is the largest affiliate marketing country, at $6.8 billion, followed by Japan at $3.3 billion. The breakdown of the affiliate marketing size in nine countries is tabulated below.
    CountryAffiliate Marketing Industry Value (in USD)
    United States6.8 billion
    Japan3.3 billion
    Germany1.3 billion
    Australia9.3 million
    United Kingdom6.3 million
    France522 million
    Canada118 million
    India96 million
    Brazil33 million


Affiliate Marketing Market Size

  1. Advertisers are becoming well-versed in tracking leads; 80% of marketers have tracked desktop and mobile sales, 66% tracked catalogue-driven sales and 57% could track brick-and-mortar stores. 🔍
  2. In 2020, the Affiliate market worldwide spending increased at a growth rate of 10%.
  3. Affiliate marketing accounts for 16% of all eCommerce orders in the US, making it one of the four largest sources of eCommerce orders.
  4. According to Statista, US affiliate market spending is expected to hit $8.2 billion by the end of 2022. Some of the largest affiliate groups in the US are Amazon Associates and eBay.
  5. Toys industry witnessed the highest affiliate revenue growth in 2020, i.e. 109% YoY increase in the United States. 📈

Affiliate Marketing Revenue Statistics

  1. 31% of the publishers confirm that affiliate marketing is one of their top revenue sources.
  2. The average annual income of an affiliate marketer ranges from $141,000 to $30,000, with an average of $65,000.
  3. During the Covid-19 pandemic across the world, 56% of the affiliate marketers witness an increase in their revenue.
  4. Search engine optimization is the most common traffic source for the affiliate marketers, with 69.22% of them relying on it.
  5. 51% of affiliate marketers earned their commissions through coupons, cashback, loyalty programs, and vouchers in 2022.
  6. Cost-Per-Action is the most common method of payment in affiliate marketing, with 99% of the affiliate programs offering it.
  7. The affiliate marketing channel had a 1:12 return on advertising spending in 2021. It means that for every $1 spent, $12 revenue was earned.

Influencer Affiliate Marketing Statistics

  1. The top affiliate marketing niche is fashion and apparel with a share of 23.27% followed by sports and outdoors at 18.16%. The following are the top ten niches in affiliate marketing.
  2. Influencer affiliates have been witnessing major growth as 56% of companies are collaborating with them for affiliate marketing.
  3. 88% of consumers are inspired by products or services that their favourite influencer promotes.
  4. One study showed that 83% of the affiliate recruiters could find new affiliates through affiliate network dashboards.
  5. According to one report, 40% of the affiliate marketer commission was generated through content and blogger sites in the US.
  6. Affiliate marketing statistics show that 31.86% of the affiliates are aged between 35-44 years.
  7. 79% of affiliate recruiters attend events hosted by other affiliates and 56% of recruiters intend to host an event to search for new affiliates.
  8. In 2021, AWIN affiliates earned $1.3 billion in affiliates’ commissions. They have 21,200+ brands on their network in all industries.
  9. Business owners choose affiliate marketing for many reasons. 76% of the business owners find it the easiest method for monetizing their business.


We hope that the above statistics will help you understand the affiliate marketing industry well. It is critical to learn well-researched and have a newer perspective while strategizing marketing plans for your business. You may also love reading the following useful resources:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the affiliate marketing success rate?

Ans. Many affiliate marketers sleep their commission rate to themselves. However, the average affiliation rate is around 1%.

2. What is the size of the affiliate marketing industry?

Ans. Affiliate marketing is a billion-dollar industry in 2022. In the US alone, it has a market size of $6.8 billion.

3. How much do affiliate marketers get paid on average? 

Ans. Most affiliate marketers get paid as commissions. Commissions can range around 5% to 30% of the product’s price or can be offered as cashback, coupons, and so on.

4. Is affiliate marketing worth it in 2022?

Ans. Affiliate marketing is a lot of effort into promoting the product or service you choose. It is important to choose products that match your niche and the nature of the audience you hold.

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30+ Affiliate Marketing Statistics You Need to Know [2022]

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