How to Add Pagination in Magento 2 Custom Collection

How to Add Pagination in Magento 2 Custom Collection

Pagination divides content into separate pages to prevent your pages from becoming too long and overwhelming. It also helps to improve the user experience by showing the smaller chunk of information so that the users can focus on important parts of the page with reduced scrolling.

Magento 2, by default, provides the pagination facility for the product pages, category pages, etc. It helps in easy navigation. Moreover, without pagination, the page load time would increase due to a large amount of content, links, etc. on a single page. It affects the user experience of the page and hence degrade the SEO!

The default Magento 2 does not provide pagination for a custom collection. To add pagination in Magento 2 custom collection, follow below steps and you’ll get the desired output.


Method to Add Pagination in Magento 2 Custom Collection:

  1. Create Controller File at Vendor\Extension\Controller\Index\Index.php
  2.  Create block file at Vendor\Extension\Block\Index.php
  3.  Create layout file  at Vendor\Extension\view\frontend\layout\extension_index_index.xml
  4.  Create template file at Vendor\Extension\view\frontend\templates\index.phtml




The grid created by the above implementation will be responsive! Hope this blog has served your purpose to implement pagination.

Any doubts regarding the topic are welcome in the comments section below.

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