How To Add Magento 2 Terms And Conditions Checkbox

How To Add Magento 2 Terms And Conditions Checkbox

A “Terms and Conditions” is an agreement that imposes a rule for your users to agree and follow when using your product or service. It may contain the guidelines for using your product, what reaction occurs if the users abuse your product, etc.

Reasons to add terms and conditions in Magento 2 store:

  • Own your content
  • Prevent exploitation
  • Limit the accountability
  • Set the law

So it is necessary to add Magento 2 terms and conditions checkbox that is offered as a default feature.

When you add this checkbox, the customers are required to agree with the terms and conditions of your store before the order is placed.

Steps to add Magento 2 Terms And Conditions Checkbox:

  1. Login to admin panel
  2. Go to Stores > Configuration
  3. Under Sales, select Checkout
  4. Expand the Checkout Options
  5. Check if the field “Enable Onepage Checkout” is set to YES
  6. Set “E

  7. Checkout options
  8. Go to Stores > Terms and Conditions”
  9. Click “Add New Condition” button
  10. Fill the below fields:
    1. Condition Name – Enter the name of the condition for internal reference
    2. Status – Set Status to “Enabled”
    3. Show Content as – Select either Text or HTML to display terms and conditions content as unformatted or formatted respectively.
    4. Applied – Select either automatically or manually to apply the terms and conditions.
    5. Store View – Select the store view where the Terms and Conditions are to be used.
    6. Checkbox Text – Enter the text for the Terms and Conditions link.
    7. Content – Enter the entire terms and conditions of the sale
    8. Enter the Content Height in pixels to decide the height of the text box where the terms and conditions statement appears during checkout.
      How To Add Magento 2 Terms And Conditions Checkbox 1
  11. Click Save Condition.
    saved terms and conditions

Follow these steps to show the terms and conditions checkbox on the checkout page.

How To Add Magento 2 Terms And Conditions Checkbox 2

You can also refer to the video tutorial to Add Magento 2 Terms And Conditions Checkbox from our Magento 2 video tutorial series:
How To Add Magento 2 Terms And Conditions Checkbox 3

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