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Meetanshi is one of the top Magento development companies that have started the journey from scratch and reached to a point where clients love the solutions delivered at Meetanshi and new talents are eager to join the team!

The team is comprised of certified Magento developers, budding coders, strategic marketers, and creative designers!

Meetanshi offers the best in class Magento extensions and Magento development services. Founded by Mr. Sanjay Jethva and Mr. Shivbhadrasinh Gohil in 2017, the company has reached impressive heights by 2020!


Meetanshi Is Official

Meetanshi - A Magento development company established today with the aim of "Exceeding eCommerce Excellence". Led by two experts in the field, the company started its journey and grown to a full-fledged team now.

1st Nov 2017

Meetanshi Gets Identity

Meetanshi launched its logo and tagline with the introduction to its mission and vision.


Exceeding eCommerce Excellence


To Bring Every eCommerce Dreams to Life

10th Nov 2017

First Extension Launched

Magento 2 Matrix Rates extension, the very first extension launched today. The extension lets you offer custom made shipping options. Use various custom variables or their combination to calculate the shipping rate.

10th Nov 2017

First Mit Recruited

By now, the company was already looking for the employees and today, the first employee is recruited in the Marketing team!

17th Nov 2017

Contribution to Magento Marketplace

The official Magento marketplace is a serious business if you are in the Magento field and on this day, the team got its first extension approved to be released in the Magento marketplace

17th Dec 2017

Meetanshi as a Sponsor in Meet Magento

Meetanshi was the official media sponsor of Meet Magento India 2018 held in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Feb 26

50 5-star reviews earned on Facebook

Meetanshi worked with "customer - first" attitude and by now garnered 50 Facebook reviews, all in 5 stars!!

10th May 2018

First Video Review

The team was overwhelmed with such nice words said by Lauren Bear. Thank you for your appreciation.

11th May 2018

Team at Diu

The first team outing was all fun and relaxation at the Diu beach!

8th Jun 2018

First Meetanshiversary

The team celebrated its successful completion of 1 year with a team of 10 and 91 number of extensions live!

1st Nov 2018

Gets Certified Magento Developer

Mr. Sanjay Jethva, the co-founder at Meetanshi, cleared the Magento Associate Developer exam and registered himself among the top Magento developers around the world.

18th Dec 2018

Team at Kutch

The team had fun exploring the beauty of Gujarat at Kutch and Mandvi beach.

22th Dec 2018

50+ Google 5 Star Reviews

Meetanshi earned noticeable appreciation in the form of 50+ Google reviews, all 5 stars!

5th Feb 2019

Meetanshi Earns Badges in Magento Forums

The team believes in helping hand for improving E-commerce stores. As a part of it, we help developers and store owners solve their issues on the official Magento Forums. The work is rewarded with honorable badges!

16th Mar 2019

Meetanshi Among Top 15 Clutch Magento Companies

Meetanshi is identified in the Clutch's list of top 15 Magento Design Companies in India. The hard work pays off!

1th jun 2019

Meetanshi Among Top 5 Magento Companies by GoodFirms

Meetanshi is identified in the GoodFirms' list of top 5 Magento Development Companies around the globe.

2nd Jun 2019

The Team Grows

The team was now buzzing with 10 Mit-crew members excited to deliver the best solutions to optimize E-commerce stores.

22nd Jun 2019

100+ Google 5 Star Reviews

Continuing with the success, Meetanshi earned 100+ reviews on Google, again, all 5 stars!

21st Aug 2019

Second Meetanshiversary

The team celebrated its successful completion of 2 years with a team of 14 and 142 number of extensions live!

01st Nov 2019

Welcome MIT

The team got its face, its mascot, MIT

2nd Nov 2019

Meetanshi as a sponsor in Meet Magento India 2020

We got a chance to participate as a contributing sponsor in #MM20IN

5th Nov 2019

First WooCommerce extension

Meetanshi dives into WooCommerce! First WooCommerce Plugin launched

05th Nov 2019

First Prestashop extension

Meetanshi dives into Prestashop! First Prestashop addon launched

11th Nov 2019

Team at GOA

Amazing experience at Goa with the team!

12th Nov 2019

Meetanshi is popular

Meetanshi among Top 5 Alexa Globally Ranked Magento Extension Vendors!

20th Nov 2019

The company expands

Meetanshi inaugurated its first branch in Ahmedabad today

14th Dec 2019

Meetanshi attended Meet Magento India 2020

Team Meetanshi attended the #MM20IN and was the only company to win two prizes! The event was total fun and learning session at the same time.

1st Feb 2020

Top 50 Contributors

Sanjay Jethva, the co-founder at Meetanshi, honored to be the part of the list of top 50 contributors of the Magento community of the year 2019.

4th Feb 2020

Meetanshi - Top E-commerce Provider

Meetanshi is among the top 15 in the Clutch's list of top E-commerce providers in India

18th Feb 2020