Magento Restrict Zip Codes

Magento Restrict Zip Codes by Meetanshi allows the store owner to restrict orders based on the zip codes.

Key Features:

  • Upload allowed zip codes using CSV.
  • Availability check from the product page.
  • Show estimated delivery time along with order availability.
Magento CE 1.5.x to 1.9.x, EE 1.11.x to 1.14.x

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Sometimes, the Magento store owners may want to sell their products in the specific locations only. Also, the store owners of the local stores need to sell to the specific localities and nearby cities. Now when the online Magento store can be accessed globally, anyone can place the order. But to restrict orders from the non-selling zones, Meetanshi has developed Magento Restrict Zip Codes extension. 

The extension facilitates users to check the product availability for their location, from the product page.  They simply need to enter the zip code and Magento Zip Code Checker checks for the available locations and flashes the availability or unavailability message. If the product is unavailable, the whole order is restricted to proceed checkout.

To allow orders from the specific locations, the admin needs to import the CSV with allowed zip codes. Every time a user opts for the product availability check for the preferred location, the extension checks for the zip codes and allow or restrict to order based on it. Thus, Magento Zip Code Validator allows customers to easily check the product availability prior to placing the orders. 

Easily restrict orders to be placed from the specific locations using Magento Restrict Orders by Zip Codes extension!

Benefits of Choosing Meetanshi's Magento Restrict Zip Codes Extension:

  • The admin can easily upload allowed zip codes for orders using CSV from the backend.
  • The CSV can include allowed zip codes along with the estimated delivery time.
  • Custom zip code checker message to show on the product page.
  • Admin can enter custom order availability or unavailability message to show in the frontend.
  • Users can enter the zip code and check for the order availability for their location.
  • On click of the "Check" button, the Restrict Zip Codes extension checks for the allowed zip codes in the CSV and shows availability or unavailability message based on the check. 
  • On the availability of the order, the extension also shows estimated delivery time if enabled from the backend and added in the zip code CSV.
  • The order is restricted on the checkout page by displaying order unavailability message.
  • The extension restricts zip codes also with the orders placed from the backend. 

How Meetanshi's Magento Restrict Zip Codes Works?

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useful features best restrict zip codes extension in the market for Magento platform! Review by Maria levitt
Support is good Solved my issues quickly even for the free module. Thank you Review by Amanda
Customer can check availability directly from the product page I do not annoy my customers anymore by refusing them the order at the checkout page due to the features of this module. Saved me from the trouble Review by L. Smith
helpful Easily restrict orders to be placed from particular locations Review by Barry
Perfect for my local online business Exactly what I wanted for my Magento store! Good support Review by David
Good features I am able to display the estimated delivery time with the module. Added benefit :) Review by Margaret
Easy management! The extension helped in managing my local business Magento store. Good support Review by Eileen
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Magento Restrict Zip Codes

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