Magento KNET Payments

Magento KNET Payments by Meetanshi integrates Kuwait's most popular KNET payment gateway with Magento to accept secure online payments in your Magento stores.

Key Features:

  • Accept secure online payments.
  • Set payment processing language.
  • Secured processing of debit card data.
Magento CE 1.5.x to 1.9.x, EE 1.11.x to 1.14.x


When it comes to E-commerce and online payments, security needs to be top of mind, if not, stores put customers at the risk of payment fraud and credit card data breach. According to a survey, the volume of online payments in Kuwait is estimated to reach US$69 by the end of 2020. Being the most popular payment gateway of Kuwait, KNET is likely to be used heavily and thus it is the utmost need for Kuwaiti Magento stores to capture the payment securely.

To provide online and secure payment solutions to Magento stores in Kuwait, Meetanshi has come up with Magento KNET Payments to securely accept payments through debit cards. Using KNET Kuwait Payment Gateway in your Magento stores redirect your customers to the payment gateway to enter debit card details and proceed payment. Thus the hosted payment facility ensures customers of secured transactions and debit card payment processing. 

As KNET doesn't permit non-encrypted communication between the payment gateway and websites, it is must for store owners to enable SSL certificates prior to use Magento KNET Payments. Signing up with a member bank followed by a certification process required to use the payment gateway services. 

Magento KNET Payments Integration Methods:

The extension facilitates with 2 different integration method. 

  1. KNET Payments - Provides direct integration with the official payment gateway 
  2. KNET FSS Payments - Uses FSS service to integrate KNET payment gateway. 

Enjoy secure KNET online payment with Magento KNET extension!

Benefits of Choosing Meetanshi for Magento KNET Payments extension:

KNET Payments

  • The extension enables to accept secure online payments in your Magento stores.
  • Admin can select the language of payment processing.
  • KNET payment gateway suite securely processes debit card data for payment capture and don't store any information on the gateway. 
  • Customers can choose the KNET payment method on the checkout page and get redirected to payment gateway once selected. 
  • With Magento KNET integration, build trust among customers by processing their debit card payments securely.

KNET FSS Payments

  • Easily capture secure online payments from Kuwaitians.
  • Enter transportal ID, password and resource key provided by the FSS service to integrate the KNET payment gateway.
  • Select payment language.
  • Select the countries to allow using this payment method.
  • Customers are redirected to the KNET payment page to finish payments.

Note: KNET Payment Gateway allows to capture payments only using the debit cards. 

Customer Reviews (6)
Support service is good
The team helped with the setup and configuration of the module. Works fine with my Magento store Review by M. jones
Customers like the new payment facility
The module provides secure online payment capturing facility that helped win customers' trust! Review by Elizabeth
Secure KNET payments
Secure online payments is now a reality in my complex Magento store with KNET Payments! Review by Lorraine
Timely support
The support team was quick in responding to my queries. Appreciable! Review by Anna
Easy to use
Integrating KNET with Magento is now easy with the module Review by Derrick
Best KNET payments module
Having tried a number of KNET modules for my Magento store, I can recommend the Magento KNET Payments by Meetanshi as an error-free and useful module! Review by Leslie
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Magento KNET Payments

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