Magento 2 Matrix Rates

Magento 2 Matrix Rates by Meetanshi helps store owner to offer and charge custom shipping rates based on shipping locations, product weight, price, and quantity.

Key Features:

  • Charge shipping based on locations, product price, weight and quantity
  • Add shipping rates using .csv file
  • Maximum Flexibility and Reliability for Shipping Rates
Magento CE, EE 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

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According to a Paypal study, 29% of US consumers have abandoned their shopping carts owing to higher shipping costs.

Shipping cart abandonment is caused due to many factors, shipping cost being one of them. To reduce cart abandonment, the Magento 2 store owners can optimize the checkout process, offer multiple payment options, and importantly, offer convenient shipping methods and feasible rates. The Magento 2 Matrix Rates module by Meetanshi helps the store owners to provide the best and most convenient way to choose a shipping method to the customers!

Our premium Matrix Rates for Magento 2extension will allow your valued customers to choose shipping rates based on their location, Item Quantities, the Weight of the product, price, and any other custom variable you might want to add. Provide customized shipping rates to your customers for maximum satisfaction.

The Magento 2 Matrix Rates shipping defines multiple table rates through CSV. Once the customer chooses the shipping method, the shipping rate calculator calculates the shipping cost to display on the cart page, checkout page, "My Account" section as well as the order view backend.

How Meetanshi's Magento 2 Matrix Rates Extension Works?

Features of Magento 2 Matrix Rates Extension:

Show estimated delivery dates

Show Estimated Delivery Dates

Display Estimated Time & Date along with Each Shipping Method

Set Quantity Threshold

Set Quantity Threshold

Assign maximum and minimum quantity for shipping rates to be applied on whole order with multiple products

Use different types of table rates

Use Different Types of Table Rates

Offer Shipping Rates either in Percentage or at a Flat Rate (Types: PPP, FRPP, FRPUW)

  • Maximum flexibility and reliability for shipping rates with Magento 2 shipping matrix.
  • Set and charge shipping rates based on:
    • Shipping destinations
    • Product weight
    • Product price
    • Quantity
  • Offer shipping options based on postal codes in MatrixRate for Magento 2
  • Offers a matrix rates grid to add a new method to import matrix rates.
  • Admin can set a custom method name with variable {day} to show the estimated delivery days if added through the CSV.
  • Option to activate the shipping method from the backend
  • Option to set the priority of each method. The method with the highest priority gets applied to the order.
  • Calculate shipping for products with different shipping types in one of the 3 ways:
    • Sum up Rates - Shipping rates of all the products get summed up and charged.
    • Select Maximal Rate - Shipping rate of the product with the maximum amount gets charged. 
    • Select Minimal Rate - Shipping rate of the product with the minimum amount gets charged.
  • Limit the shipping methods for the specific store views and customer groups with Magento 2 Table Rates
  • Option to delete the existing shipping rates while uploading the new matrix rates.
  • Import CSV file with Matrix rates in a proper formatting from the backend.
  • You can see the imported rates from the added Matrix Rates method under "Methods and Rates".
  • The admin can download the CSV file of the existing saved the matrix rates method from "Import" tab under "Matrix Rate Methods".
  • The admin can configure shipping methods from the backend.
  • Enable/disable the matrix rate for Magento 2 checkout.
  • Admin can set a custom method name for the matrix rates.
  • Select countries to allow using the Magento 2 matrix rate shipping method.
  • Display custom error message for the shipping unavailability with Matrix Rate shipping extension for Magento 2.
  • Option to allow free shipping promotions. If Free Shipping is available for the order, setting this option to "Yes" will show the free shipping method, otherwise, it will get hidden.
  • Set "Yes" to ignore the price and quantity of virtual products while calculating the rates.
  • Backend option to select how to compare the added post codes in the CSV:
    • Range - Considers added post codes as post code range. For example, from 04001 to 04009
    • Regular Expression - Considers added post codes as regular expression. For example, BB%, %1B%, B%A%
  • Option to use the price after the discount is calculated while calculating the shipping rates based on the product prices.
  • Option to use the price inclusive of taxes while calculating the shipping rates based on the product price.
  • Option to use only one shipping type for the method
  • The admin can add custom attributes related to all types of products for best Shipping Rates.
  • Display the calculated rate on the cart page, checkout page, "My Accounts" section as well as order view backend with Magento 2 Matrix Rate Shipping extension.
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I want to buy the Matrix rate Be aware of the limitation on purchase. so basically I have 3 domains to do ABC testing and asked them if I purchase the extension I can have them in all three website and they said you have to buy three times. Seriously, I am disappointed. Review by Matt
Slightly complex shipping methods Our shipping methods are based on total order weight and destination. Before committing Meetanshi team asked me to send them our shipping rules and methods.

They didn't take long to confirm that they can configure our methods with their Matrix Rates extension.

Within 48 hrs the Matrix Rates was configured and installed up to our expectations.

We haven't tested the extension to its full potential as yet but I am sure Matrix Rates will work perfectly well for our shipping module.

Good communication and support is the key to a satisfying result with any developer and we give them full marks in this area.

Thank you.
Review by Rizmali
useful features Matrix rate for Magento 2 store that satisfies all the business requirements Review by Richard
best support service Meetanshi offers good support service Review by Mary F. Vezina
Location-based Rates Feature rich extension! Recommended for Magento 2 stores Review by J. brown
Nice matrix rates module Good features and timely support service. Recommended Review by Logan
Must buy module 10 on 10 for the development job! Review by Stella
Offers excellent features The module allows uploading Shipping Rates in Bulk using CSV. Good job done! Review by Mary
Good development work done! I can add product attributes using .csv file and many more useful features! Review by Kristin
Works as promised. Must have plugin for the stores having multiple product categories. Eased my task to a great extent. Review by Lucille terry
Best extension in the field I have recently set up my store and have gone through many shipping extensions and found the best one here. Recommended. Review by Celeste johnson
Delivers exactly what it promises. I used many extensions for calculating shipping rates but was fed up with their working. Finally found a well-working extension. Review by Sharon Faulk
Best services I am novice user and needed support for the installation at every step. Sanjay was very helpful to me and I appreciate it. Review by Julian Acosta
I can easily offer different shipping rates to my customers Calculating shipping rates based on various attributes was a tedious work for me. But no more! All thanks to this extension by Meetanshi Review by Timothy
Easy to use Exactly the way we need. No issues in setup. Runs smoothly. Review by Jesse
Excellent work I was doubts about the configuration of the extension. But the support team helped to achieve the desired results. Amazing rate calculator. Review by Carlos
Fantastic shipping add-on With this extension, I can add product attributes using CSV file. Excellent features. Keep it up! Review by Tiffani
Great module Due to the CSV service, I can avoid handling number of products and rather add shipping rates to one product itself Review by Gayle Peters
Perfect matrix extension Superb features. The support team is great too. Review by Carl
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Change Log
  • 26 Aug, 2021


    • Solved the issue with "Show method if not application" option.
  • 08 Jul, 2021


    • Added option to download the shipping rates CSV of the existing methods.
    • Option to compare post codes as range or regular expression.
  • 06 Oct, 2020


    • Compatible with Magento 2.4 and Minor bug fixes.
  • 1.0.3

    • Minor bug fixes and code improvement
  • 24 Dec, 2019


    • Compatibility with UK Post codes.
  • 17 Oct, 2019


    • Compatibility with Magento 2.3.3.

Magento 2 Matrix Rates

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