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Magento 2 Login as Customer Extension
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Magento 2 Login as Customer

Magento 2 Login as Customer allows the admin to login as customer to view the store as customers' point of view, take actions on their behalf and help them with their order.

Key Features:

  • The admin can visit the Magento 2 store as a customer
  • Backend grid to track & record each "login as customer" activity
  • Allow sub-admin users to login as customer
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Magento CE, EE 2.3.x, 2.4.x
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1. Configuration M2 Login as Customer
2. Login as Customer from Customers Grid
3. Login as Customer from Customer Edit Page
4. Login as Customer from Sales Orders Grid
5. Login as Customer from Order View Page
6. Login as Customer from Invoice View Page
7. Login as Customer from Shipment View Page
8. Login as Customer from Credit Memo View Page
9. Manual Store View Selection While Login as Customer
10. Login as Customer Message to the Admin
11. Admin Login Email Notification to the Customer
12. Login as Customer Action Logs

Every time you look at your business, take a moment to think why a customer would take time out of their busy schedule to have any deal with your store? It is the "why" that drives everything, and the best way to understand it is to look through your customers' eyes. Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Login as Customer extension to help you with viewing your Magento 2 store by login as a customer and taking actions on the customers' behalf.

Login as Customer for Magento 2 allows the admin to access the store as an existing customer in a single click without any password or changing the authentication data.

The Magento "Login as Customer" button in the backend enables the admin to log in to the Magento 2 store from the frontend on behalf of any customer. Using this functionality, the admin or store owner can help a customer through the store, guide them in the shopping and checkout process, take actions on their behalf and hence enhance the customers' online shopping experience.

By enabling Magento Login as Customer, the admin can see the "Login as Customer" button on the following pages:

  • Customer edit page
  • Order view page
  • Invoice view page
  • Shipment view page
  • Credit memo view page
  • All customers grid
  • Sales orders grid

Moreover, theMagento Login as customer helps the store owner to study the customers' behavior by examining the customers' accounts as well as the store from customers' eyes. Put yourself in your customers' shoes to better understand their shopping journey, pain points and solve the pain points to reduce the support queries. It will help design the business strategy that leads to achieving your business goals.

Additionally, if you are a Magento 2 store that offers support service and believes in lending a helping hand as a part of customer care, the Magento Login as User extension is for you. Let your support team use this module and login as the customer who needs their help. They will be able to check the issue and solve it for your customers while they can sit back and relax!

Get Magento 2 Login as Customer module today to not only understand how your customers perceive your business but also to enrich the shopping and customer experience that will beat your competition!

Greatly improved the functionality of my online store

The Magento 2 Login as Customer extension has greatly improved the functionality of my online store. It allows me to easily assist customers with their orders and account information. The integration was seamless and the customer support team was helpful in getting it set up. Good one.

Review by Kathryn Reynolds
Much Recommended

Seamless integration and helpful customer support. A great addition to our store.

Review by Scott Ray
Super-helpful extension

Helps providing better customer service to our customers. The module helps to get products in their shopping cart. I would surely recommend Meetanshi as the best place for purchasing the extensions. Went above and beyond for sure!

Review by Kimberly howell
Excellent module & works really well

Easy installation and good working. I asked for custom modification and had a great response. Great tool for sales team to place orders for customers. Worth purchasing the product.

Review by Courtney
Much-needed extension!

Login as Customer for Magento 2 is simple to use and works as intended. Using the module, you can see the issues faced by the customers in their accounts. Thanks for such a wonderful development!

Review by Reba Gunning
Indeed! A well developed extension

Thanks to team Meetanshi for your amazing support. Loved the module.

Review by Donald s. Cristobal
Helps to enhance shopping & customer experience of the customers

Login as customer for Magento 2 is not only to understand the customer behaviour but also improves shopping experience of the customers.

Review by Aron
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How Meetanshi's Magento 2 Login as Customer Extension Works?

Features of Magento 2 Login as Customer Extension

Admin can log in as a customer

Let admin access the store as an existing customer in a single click without using any passwords or authentication.

Email Notifications for Customers

Option to send email notifications to customers when the admin logs in to their account.

Manage multiple admins' log-ins

Facilitates "Login As Customer Action Logs" backend grid to list the action logs of the multiple admin users who logged in as a customer.

  • Check any customers' My Account section with a click using Magento 2 Login as Customer extension.
  • Offers "Login as Customer" button to instantly access the customer's account in the frontend.
  • Option to open a new tab to log in as customer account by clicking the "Login as Customer" button.
  • Enable/disable page cache when admin logs in as a customer.
  • Option to select store view when login as a customer:
    • Manual - The admin can manually select the store view
    • Auto - Automatically log in default store view
  • Select email sender and its template for sending an email notification to customers on admin login as a customer.
  • Facilitates the "Login as Customer" action button in the customer's grid and sales order grid.
  • Facilitates "Login as Customer" button on:
    • Customer edit page
    • Order view
    • Invoice view page
    • Shipment view page
    • Credit memo view page
  • Display a success message to admin when logs in as a customer in the frontend.
  • Help customers with the shopping and checkout process using Magento 2 Customer Login.
  • Understand customers' behavior in your store.
  • Offer outstanding support service to your customers with Login as Customer Magento 2 extension.

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