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Hire Google Ads Expert

Hire Google Ads Expert

Harness the maximum returns from your online paid ads by hiring a Google Ads Expert from Meetanshi. We are providing professional hands to help you set up, manage, and optimizing Google Ads campaigns for maximum RoI.

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Google Ads is one of the easiest ways to leverage Search Engine Marketing (SEM) through PPC Ads and paid advertisements. Optimizing Google Ads campaigns can help attract an ample amount of paid traffic to a website through paid advertisements and help quickly increase online visibility.

Meetanshi is here with its professional Google Ads Experts, who can help you maximize returns on your Google Ads. Leverage your Google Ads campaigns to attract a quality paid traffic to your website and get the most out of your paid marketing budget by hiring a Google paid Ad specialist from Meetanshi.

Our Google Adwords experts have earned us a Google Partner Badge and we take pride in showcasing that!

Our Google advertising specialists are certified professionals that know the ins & outs of online advertisement campaigns. Hire Google Ads expert from Meetanshi to amplify your conversions through paid ads and get the most out of your budget. Our certified Google advertising specialists can help you create Google Ads campaigns that actually work!

In case you are running paid advertisements to attract traffic to your site for conversions, you may expect the returns to cover the expenditure to put you in a profitable deal. However, this is not always the case with Google Ads. Just a single mistake can ruin all your marketing budget with no considerable returns. This is where PPC management service from professional agencies such as Meetanshi can help.

Optimize my ad campaigns well

I go to my Magento store developed by Meetanshi and opted for their Google Ads service as well. They were able to optimize my ad campaigns and bring in more leads and conversions. I'm extremely satisfied with their work and highly recommend their services."

Review by Erin Seward
Consistent Efforts & Best Results!

My Google ad campaigns are now running smoothly and efficiently thanks to their expertise. I highly recommend Google Ads experts from mitanshi

Review by Emily
Thanks a lot!

Thanks to Dhara, our Google Ad expert. We're now getting quality leads from my target audience by running successful Google Ads campaigns. Really surprised with the results.

Review by J.c.Cook
Extremely satisfied with the end result

I was hesitant to use a third-party service for my Google Ads needs, but I'm so glad I took the chance with MIT Google Ads Experts. The team was able to understand my vision and bring it to life with their expertise. I'm extremely satisfied with the end result and would highly recommend their services.

Review by Melissa Schams
Great service by team Meetanshi

Team Meetanshi has come up with providing unparalleled support, great service and looking forward working with you again! Their service, monthly report and communication is just beyond my expectations.

Review by Kaye Edwards
Top-notch company

The professionalism and personalized service that we get from Meetanshi is unlike any other company! The delivery was on-time while getting the issues fixed within the budget. Really impressed with the work.

Review by Ralph T. Olivas
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  1. How much does it cost to hire a Google Ads specialist?
    The cost of hiring a certified google ads specialist can depend on your requirements. Most freelance Google Ads professionals charge per hour rates or fixed rates. You can get the cost quoted as per your requirements to hire a Google Ads expert from Meetanshi.

  2. Should I hire a Google Ads expert from Meetanshi?
    There is no doubt that we got the best Google Ads experts to hire. At Meetanshi, we have a team of skilled marketing professionals that have helped achieve incredible results through Ad campaigns.

  3. What Google advertising specialists do?
    Google Ads specialists can help you set up Google Ads campaigns, optimize them, and track their performance to stretch your marketing budget through Google Ads management.

  4. Does Meetanshi provide Google certified Ad specialists?
    Yes, we have a team of experienced and Google certified professionals that strive at providing excellent outcomes from Google Ads to the clients.

  5. How Can I hire a certified Google Ads specialist?
    You can hire a Google Ads expert to take care of your paid advertisement from renowned agencies such as Meetanshi. We have a team of professionals that are pre-vetted in Google Ads management.

Our Google Ads Specialists Can Help You:

Analyze Your Business Niche - First things first - we’ll analyze your business niche through market competition, profit margins, customers, business complexities, and plenty of other factors to tailor a solid Google Ads strategy.

Find Profitable Keywords - Targeting incorrect keywords will do nothing other than penalize you with a higher cost per click. Our Google Ads experts will conduct thorough keyword research & analysis to find the best ones for you.

Create Compelling Ad Copy - Our professionals do not lack behind when it comes to creative stuff. The Google paid Ad specialist will use highly compelling ad copies written by professional copywriters for your Google Ads.

Create Optimized Google Ads Campaigns - The Google certified Ad specialist will help creating profitable and highly optimized ad campaigns backed by intense keyword research and niche analysis performed by the experts.

Track Google Ads Performance - The experts will take care of your Google Ads campaigns by regularly tracking their performance and ensuring that your marketing budget is being used efficiently to drive quality traffic.

Generate Detailed Reports - Our Google Adwords experts will analyze the PPC ads and create a detailed report to help you understand where your marketing campaign is heading and help you make data-driven decisions.

Hire Professional Google Ads Expert from Meetanshi

Meetanshi has a pool of Google Ads experts who can work dedicatedly for your project and help grow your business to the next level. With their years of expertise. They are best known for providing qualitative work, and advanced security who can work remotely for your project.

Shivbhadrasinh Gohil

Shivbhadrasinh has over 12 years of expertise in the field and can run a campaign for your business that is targeted at reaching the right bundle of people. He can scale up your business to new heights, increase reach and boost sales. 

Shivbhadrasinh's Expertise:

  • Manage every aspect of Google Ads campaigns.
  • Develop various strategies to establish an online presence.
  • Communicate with other team members and Google Ads specialists.
  • Optimize ongoing campaigns.
  • Setting up Google Ads campaign in an efficient manner.
  • Running and managing shopping ads and smart ad campaigns.
  • Carry out manual bid management.
  • Landing page optimization.

Dhara Tuvar

She is a Google Ads expert with over 9 years of experience and has worked in industries of almost all types. She has worked with 250+ clients globally and has helped businesses to earn better ROI from Ads. 

Dhara's Expertise:

  • Analyze and optimize ad campaigns to increase ROI.
  • Setting up and optimizing ad campaigns and paid search landing pages.
  • Running and optimizing display ads campaigns.
  • Develop various ad tactics and strategies.
  • Carry out ads account audit.
  • Developing advanced ad creation strategies.
  • Targeting the right bunch of people.
  • Creating bidding strategies.
  • Keep a track record of lead calls and conversions.
  • Writing compelling ad copies.

Jaydip Pancholi

A Google Ads specialist with 3 years of experience. He has extensive knowledge and technical skills to create, manage and optimize high-performing ads. He has worked with around 100 clients worldwide and delivered unprecedented results. He has worked effortlessly in achieving the Google Partner badge for Meetanshi.

Jaydip's Expertise:

  • Advanced keyword research.
  • Prepare regular reports.
  • Setting up a Google merchant account.
  • Using Google ads to drive various online marketing campaigns. 
  • Running and optimizing discovery ads campaigns.
  • Geo-targeting.
  • Setting and running advanced ads.
  • Monitor and keep a track record of conversions.

Why Hire Google Ads Expert from Meetanshi?

  • Certified Google Adwords Specialists - Hire Google Ads experts from Meetanshi who are certified and have a proven record of managing ad campaigns for optimum results.
  • Assured ROI - We expertise at optimizing Google Ads campaigns for optimum return on investment, so that no longer have to end up in an unprofitable deal while running online ads.
  • Competitive Pricing - Meetanshi provides Google Ads experts for hire at highly affordable rates as compared to some of the well-known agencies & top-rated sellers.
  • Security Assurance - Security is a primary concern when hiring a freelance Google Ads expert. However, it is not the case when you choose experts from Meetanshi for PPC management services. We assure you that your confidential data will remain secure with us.