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Google Ads Management Services

Grow your business with Google Ads. Avail Meetanshi's Google Ads Management services to boost paid search conversions and make the most of your Google Ad spend today!

Google Ads is an online advertising platform, that can be used to promote your business, sell products or services, and increase traffic. Google Ads facilitates reaching the potential customers who use Google to search online. It is one of the most effective methods to attract a large number of customers who want exactly what you have to offer. Thus, to make the best out of it, Meetanshi's Google Ads Management Services manages your Google Ads account, drives quality and potential traffic to your website.

Google Ads allows to set a daily budget for each campaign and choose bids for each bidding group. It gives you control over how to spend your money and show ads to the right people, at the right place, and at the right time. Targeting highly-focused keywords will drive more potential buyers to your site. 

For businesses with enthusiastic growth plans, Google Ads is at the top priority. It takes years to rank your website on top for your search queries. But, you can easily rank in SERPs using Google Ads. Meetanshi has a Google campaign manager having years of experience creating and optimizing campaigns in various industries for Google Ads.

Thus, to avoid wasting even a penny, let the certified Google Adwords experts create a sustainable and effective Ads campaign for your business.

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Why Have a Google Ads Management Service for Your Business? 

Poorly managed Google Ad Campaign is just spending more money than needed to achieve the goals. Some of the reasons are as follows: 

  • Keywords used are not appropriate
  • Running Ads at the wrong time of the day
  • Lack of negative keywords used in the campaign
  • Lack of experience in managing the Ads campaign

Hence, in order to avoid these issues for your Ad campaign, it is wise to avail the Google Ads service and get the most out of the Ad money spent.

As a Google Ads expert, what services do we offer?

  • Niche Analysis: At the initial level, we will carry out research about the business, the complexities of your business, profit margin, and the target audience. This will help to have a basic idea about the business. 
  • Keyword research and planning: Selecting the right keywords is of prime concern to get the best results. Targeting the most focused keywords will help you to provide what exactly the customers are searching for. At Meetanshi, we manage the Google Ads keeping in mind the target keywords that will drive potential customers to your site. 
  • Reporting and Analysis: Google Ads specialists generate reports that provide insights into what's happening with your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. By providing a monthly report, it helps to determine the areas where improvements are necessary and what has been done to get success. A monthly report helps to know what was done last month and the plan for the next month.
  • Tracking: Analyzing is one of the foremost steps in running Google Ads to get the right traffic to your website. The team ensures measuring and tracking the entire data that helps to efficiently manage Google Ads.
  • Create a campaign, Ad group, and Ad copy: Team Meetanshi ensures quality copywriting and design services for preparing ads that best match your brand and drive results. Effective ad creation helps in improving sales conversion. We will help you set your Google campaign, create ad copy, and can easily configure all the settings.
  • Remarketing: It is one of the smartest advertising techniques that facilitate showing ads to the users who have already visited your website earlier. It attracts the users to return to the website by reminding them with showing relevant ads. 
  • Google Shopping Ads: Google shopping ads are best suited for online retail marketing businesses. Google Shopping facilitates displaying images of your products that are at the top of Google search results. Google Ads professionals at Meetanshi helps you in setting up, managing, and optimizing the shopping campaigns effectively.
  • Video Ads: Video ads are considered to be the most attractive advertising asset. It helps to easily connect with your potential customers and increase engagement. It creates a strong branding impact in the minds of customers and can easily recall the brand. At Meetanshi, our skilled team members bring creativity and engagement to every video engagement.  
  • Display Advertising: Display ads are shown on third-party websites relevant to your niche in the form of a banner, image, or text ads. This would help to reach the target audience and the people who are interested in the service provided. This, in turn, would increase engagement, create brand recognition and brand value. Meetanshi is a team of certified experts that helps you to attract, inform and convert your target audience through targeted display ads.
  • Facebook Ads: Running a custom campaign drives more brand awareness, like, share, and follow that would be beneficial for the business. Using the ads manager tool, team Meetanshi facilitates creating ads, managing where and when to run, and tracking the performance of the campaign. 
  • Social Media Advertising: Creating social media advertising on LinkedIn, Instagram. Twitter depends on your business requirements. A social media agency is a must if you're looking to reach a new targeted audience. Experts at Meetanshi will help you to easily connect with your target audience. 

Why Choose Meetanshi for Google Ads Services? 

  • Certified Google Ads Professionals: Team Meetanshi has certified Google Ads professionals that have expertise and years of experience in delivering better results.
  • Stay Ahead of Competition: The experts continuously analyze conversion rates and identify gaps that show a high return on investment. Facilitates to keep the ad more innovative and helps to stay ahead of the competition. 
  • Stability: As a Google Ads agency, we have an extensive full-time staff with having a strong record in multiple marketing disciplines. We will help you to run a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign and PPC services effectively in an efficient manner.

Thus, avail Meetanshi's Google Ads Management Service - the most quickest and cost-effective way to increase revenue immediately!

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