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Get Your Business Online

Get Your Business Online

Get Your Business Online is a service by Meetanshi inspired from Offline2On community-driven cross-platform initiative designed by Kelly Vaughn, Deb Macca, Darin Lynch and Karen Baker, to help offline businesses get online with Magento experts' help within the minimum time span as a token to fight against COVID-19.
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Coronavirus outbreak has taken a toll on the world, personally as well as professionally. And, as a token to contribute to the Magento community and fellow businesses, Meetanshi has launched the "Get Your Business Online" service inspired by Offline2On - A community driven cross platform initiative designed by Kelly Vaughn, Deb Macca, Darin Lynch and Karen Baker.

If you are a brick and mortar offline business, hit hard by coronavirus outbreak, it is high time you get your business online. And Magento is the preferrable E-commerce platform, suitable for widely any nature of business.

It is understood that offline merchants are naive to the Magento world and hence the experts and certified developers at Meetanshi will help you out for setting up the online Magento 2 store at discounted prices. 

The main aim of this service is to help businesses continue online as more and more people are shopping online, owing to social distancing. Reach out to your loyal customers using the Magento online store.

Meetanshi is committed to offering heavily discounted rates (depend upon your business and current situation in relation to the Coronavirus outbreak) to take your offline business to online Magento 2 store.

Meetanshi offers a plan to strategise and get your online store on feet which includes:

Tasks Time Required (In Hours)
Theme Installation
Admin set up, products upload, & Categories 48 
Setting up the payment and shipping methods 24 
SSL Integration
GA, GSC Setup

The above calculation may vary depending on the size of your business, i.e., number of products, categories, variety, etc.

By streamlining the process, Meetanshi assures to get your business online within 7 business days. 

Avail the Get Your Business Online service to have a fully functional Magento 2 store to serve your customers online during the quarantine period.

You may contact us if you have doubts or negotiate your business type and how it may fit in this venture.

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Expand your business with the help of experts.

Thanks to team Meetanshi. they have helped me to bring my business online during high times. Much-needed service and would surely look forward working with you again.

Review by u. schneider
Reach out potential customers easily!

Meetanshi has helped me to take my business online during the times of pandemic & has helped serve many customers. Useful enough. Must avail it & best to grow your business.

Review by Neal
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