How to Upgrade Magento to the Latest Version

How to Upgrade Magento to the Latest Version

Magento keeps on releasing updates every now and then. Upgrading the store with latest Magento version not only facilitates new features but also provide security against spams and bots. Offer best customer experience and high-performance store with latest Magento version! Avoiding to update the store may result in messing up the functionalities and make the store vulnerable to hackers ?

Now that we know how much important it is to timely upgrade the Magento to the latest version, let’s move towards the method to upgrade Magento to the latest version.

There are few methods to upgrade Magento but I’ve decreased the list to two of the easiest methods to follow. Follow the steps correctly and your store is ready with the latest Magento version to offer amazing features and secure platform to shop!

Don’t forget to back up the store before implementing any of the upgrades methods ?


Methods to Upgrade Magento to the Latest Version:

  1. Upgrade with Magento Connect Manager

    The built-in Connect Manager is used in this method. Follow the below steps:

    1. Log in to the administrative area.
    2. Navigate to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager
    3. Click on Check for Upgrades in the Extensions tab. The Magento Connect Manager will check for the available upgrades after connecting to the server.Latest Version while Magento Upgrade
    4. In the Actions drop-down menu, select the latest upgrade version and click Commit Changes to proceed.
    5. Refresh the page after the process is complete. The latest upgrades will have been downloaded and applied already!
  2. Direct Method

    A very easy method for the upgrade, all you have to do is download the latest Magento version from the official site and copy the files and folders to paste them in the root folder of your store!

Woah! Done ?

Upgrading to the latest Magento version requires immense expertise and tons of experience. If you are a newbie or the one with the lesser command over Magento, check our Magento Upgrade Service to hand over this complex task to us.

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