We are 3 Now – A Recap of Meetanshiversary Party

3rd Meetanshiversary Celebrations

We are happy to announce the completion of three successful years of Meetanshi, a Magento development company with a goal to exceed E-commerce excellence!

Each year we celebrate Meetanshiversary with lots of fun, food, and festivities. And this year was no different.

Thanks to our valuable customers and Mit Crew who made us what we are today. It would have not been possible without you!

As a token of gratitude and celebrations for our customers on the occasion of 3rd Meetanshiversary, we are offering 30% OFF on all our Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensionsĀ till Nov 2, ’20.

The celebrations for Mit Crew was also equally fun-filled! And this post is a throwback to our anniversary celebrations šŸ™‚

Following our culture and traditions, the day started with prayer. Mit Crew is grateful for being the part of a company that has consistently achieved their goals and new heights each day. This day was a chance to be thankful and here’s how we did it:

We are 3 Now - A Recap of Meetanshiversary Party 1

The prayer was followed by breakfast and photo sessions, because, why not!

Our decoration team had made it a point to embellish the office with handcrafted items. Their efforts made our photos beautiful and the office a lively place to be.

We are 3 Now - A Recap of Meetanshiversary Party 2

Our leaders at Meetanshi, Shivbhadrasinh Gohil and Sanjay Jethva, even talked about the journey of Meetanshi, how we are progressing, and how we as a “Meetanshi Family” function!

And then the CAKE!!!

There is no denial in the fact that we are foodies and cutting a cake on the anniversary is a must.

The team was eyeing on the huge cake while waiting for it to get cut and savour its taste!

I bet you as a reader are jealous while seeing us smack our lips!

We are 3 Now - A Recap of Meetanshiversary Party 3

Apart from that, we played games that tested our skills like concentration, alertness, and physical fitness.

Playing such games contributed to team building and improve our skills apart from professional work. Meetanshi aims at not only being the best in Magento but develop an all-round personality that will be a blessing in future.

The team enjoyed a lot playing these games and the impressive players were even awarded gifts at the end of the day for their impressive participation and winning!

We are 3 Now - A Recap of Meetanshiversary Party 4


No celebration at Meetanshi is complete without pizza. Our team loves pizza as much as it loves Magento.

Hence, the team had their lunch together, gulping down the cheesy pizzas!

We are 3 Now - A Recap of Meetanshiversary Party 5

The lunch was great and it recharged the team for more fun. Today was the day when you can boss over your manager at Meetanshi! The Mit Crew ganged up together and had some hilarious moments which were captured as boomerangs!

We are 3 Now - A Recap of Meetanshiversary Party 6

And now came the part which everyone awaited. The announcements of yearly awards!

Appreciation goes a long way!

Awarding the team members for their efforts they have put for the growth of the company is what they deserve.

The company awarded the deserving members with titles like “Outstanding Performance of the year”, “Best Marketer of the Year”, “Best Developer of the year”, and “Best Overall Performance of the year”.

You can see the lit faces of the winners:

We are 3 Now - A Recap of Meetanshiversary Party 7

Also, we did not miss the chance to have a team dinner under the moonlit sky of a full moon day. The place was admirable with lush greenery and the atmosphere was calm and cool.

We are 3 Now - A Recap of Meetanshiversary Party 8

At the end of the day, each team member shared their experience at Meetanshi which truly reflected how we function as a family and not a company.

The best of everything to team Meetanshi was what everyone wished at the end of the day!

Thank you. šŸ˜Š

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