Magento Instagram – Meetanshi Extension Explained

Magento Instagram - Meetanshi Extension Explained

60% of users discover products on Instagram, says Todd Clarke at Hootsuite.

And, out of them, 75% of users take action!

Only someone who does not want to grow his business would not bother about Instagram marketing. Meetanshi, who always strives to offer products to help Magento store owners grow their business, have come up with an excellent Instagram marketing tool for Magento stores.

Magento Instagram extension enables integration of Magento with Instagram to create a beautiful Instagram shop in the Magento store. The module fetches Instagram images, edit and displays them in the front-end of the store. It creates an amazing look that attracts users.

The Magento Instagram widget is a marketing tool to boost traffic and sales. The Instagram images create excellent views on the store that prompts visitors to check the products. Also, it helps in increasing the Instagram followers which can be considered as an additional benefit of the extension.

Why choose Magento Instagram extension by Meetanshi?

Now that the usefulness of the extension is clear, let’s see the features and its configuration.

Once the extension is enabled from the backend, one needs to configure a few settings to get the most out of it. Add the Instagram profile name to be displayed in the image popup. The Instagram images can be fetched using the username or hashtags. Add the username, Instagram user access token and the number of Instagram images to be fetched.

Magento Instagram - Meetanshi Extension Explained 1

Also, configure the settings to show Instagram images on different pages like the home page, category page, product page, and Instagram page. These images help to flaunt your products in an attractive manner on the store pages.

Magento Instagram - Meetanshi Extension Explained 2

The Magento Instagram extension offers three Instagram image popup views: Default Insta view, Caption with hyperlink and product feed. One can enable the autoplay feature in the popup for the videos.

Magento Instagram - Meetanshi Extension Explained 3

  • Caption with Hyperlink: Connect image hotspots with a caption to redirect the visitors to a webpage of your store by linking the image captions.Edit-Image-Information-Title-with-Cption-View-Settings
  • Product Feed: Assign a unique SKU with each hotspot to make a product feed in the popup. On click of each product feed, visitors can be redirected to a particular product page.Edit-Image-Information-Product-Feed-View-Settings
  • Default Insta View: Create the Instagram desktop view. No settings required, just select the view from the configuration and it will show the exact view of Instagram in Magento.

One of the important features that make the extension more powerful is the UTM tracking settings. All you have to do is enable the UTM tracking and enter the campaign source, name and medium. One can track the traffic that is gained from Instagram and help shape the Instagram marketing strategy!

Magento Instagram - Meetanshi Extension Explained 4

Admin can approve or delete the images that are fetched, to be displayed. Not only that, but admin can also edit the image details such as captions, hyperlinks, product SKUs, hotspots from Manage Instagram Images section. Do all the customization that you want for the best output!

Magento Instagram - Meetanshi Extension Explained 5

Want to enable category specific or product specific Instagram images for your store? The module offers the feature to do it! Select the username or hashtag to fetch the images. Check below.

Category Specific Instagram Settings:



Product Specific Instagram Settings:



Once the extension is configured, enjoy its features in the frontend. The Instagram images can be seen in the home page as below. When a user hovers on any of the images, the number of likes and comments can be seen which gives an overview of the popularity of the product.



Similarly, the extension fetches Instagram images on the category page, product page, and Instagram page.
Based on the Instagram Image Popup View, on click of Instagram Images from any of the pages, it shows the popup accordingly.

  • Caption With Hyperlink View: On hover of captions, hot spots are seen. On click of the captions, users get redirected to page set from the backend.Title-with-Cption-View-in-Frontend
  • Product Feed View: On hover of product feeds, hot spots are seen. On click of the feeds, users get redirected to the product page set from the backend.Product-Feed-View-in-Frontend
  • Default Insta View: Shows the exact view of Instagram.Default-Insta-View-in-Frontend


Can’t wait to implement these excellent features in your store? Avail the popularity of Instagram for your profits with Magento Instagram extension. Check UserGuide now, to configure the extension in your Magento!


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