Meetanshi Magento Extensions Launch and Updates July [2020]


Done with more than half of 2020, a crazy year!

And even for Magento world, the community has witnessed new version releases and virtual events like Adobe Summit 2020 that pumped the store owners to optimize their Magento 2 stores with upcoming features and security enhancements.

The latest Magento 2.4 release this July is well-equipped with features like:

Apart from these, Meetanshi has also released Magento 2 extensions to enhance the online stores in terms of shipping, payments, and customer experience.

Have a look at the latest extensions by Meetanshi and what it has to offer:

Magento 2 Extensions Launched in July:

Magento 2 Shipping Per Customer GroupMagento 2 Shipping Per Customer Group

Allows the store owner to charge different shipping rates based on the customer groups.

Key Features:

  • Set shipping cost per customer group
  • Encourage users to upgrade their customer group
Magento 2 Shipping Per Customer Group
Magento 2 Distance Based ShippingMagento 2 Distance Based Shipping

Allows store merchants to accept the credit and debit card payments from buyers who do not have a PayPal account.

Key Features:

  • A streamlined checkout flow
  • Direct payments
Magento 2 Distance Based Shipping
Magento 2 CBK T-PayMagento 2 CBK T-Pay

Integrates Magento 2 store with Al Tijari’s T-Pay payment service to capture mobile payments via QR code.

Key Features:

  • Quick and secure mobile payments
  • Payments via QR code
Magento 2 CBK T-Pay
Magento 2 Auto Customer Group SwitchingMagento 2 Auto Customer Group Switching

Assigns a particular customer group automatically based on their total lifetime purchase amount in the store.

Key Features:

  • Auto switch customer groups based on lifetime sales amount
Magento 2 Auto Customer Group Switching

With releasing new Magento extensions, the developers at Meetanshi worked in improving the existing ones to strive for E-commerce excellence!

Updates in Meetanshi’s Extensions in July:

Magento 2 Mobile LoginMagento 2 Mobile Login

  • Compatible with custom SMS API supporting CURL
Magento 2 Mobile LoginMagento 2 Mobile Login - Backend Demo
Magento 2 Maintenance PageMagento 2 Maintenance Page

  • Fixed issue with the timer
Magento 2 Maintenance PageMagento 2 Maintenance Page - Backend Demo

Apart from these, the team has implemented minor bug fixes and code improvement in

Do let us know what you think about the latest features in the Comments section below.

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Thank you.

Stay safe, stay home.

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