Magento 2.4 – Everything About the Latest Magento 2 Version


There is no pandemic that can set back the Magento community or stop them from improving with each version release!

And hence, Magento 2.4!

The latest Magento 2.4 version is released on July 28, ’20.

Here was the official announcement to start the contribution, made in December 2019:

Magento is on fire!!

Every new release comes with features that make the E-commerce platform better in various aspects. And Magento 2.4.0 release is no different.

Magento 2.4 Release Highlights:

According to Magento, the latest version is capable to accelerate your business in the current Commerce landscape.

The Magento 2.4.0 release includes 98 new features, 68 bug fixes, 50 security changes, 7 test cycles, 12 packages & extensions as well as support for Php 7.4

Apart from these, you can leverage:

Magento Security-Only Patch 2.3.5-p2

  • Option to install time-sensitive security fix without applying hundreds of functional fixes
  • A security-only patch to fix the vulnerabilities identified in the previous quarterly release, Magento 2.3.5-p1.
  • Includes the hotfixes applied to Magento 2.3.5

Substantial Security Enhancements

  • Includes 30+ security fixes to close remote code execution (RCE) and cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities
  • Default 2FA for Magento admin panel
  • The template filter strict mode is now enabled by default.
  • Disabled the default data rendering for UI data providers to prevent the spam users to execute arbitrary JavaScript.
  • Improved Content Security Policy

Platform Upgrades

  • Support for PHP 7.4, PHPUnit 9.x
  • Support for Elasticsearch 7.x and MySQL 8.0
  • Removed MySQL search engine
  • Support for MariaDB 10.4
  • The Zend Framework has been deprecated and migration to Laminas project
  • Removed the support for Signifyd fraud protection code
  • Core Braintree module removed

Infrastructure Improvements

  • Removed the integration of the Authorize.Net, eWay, CyberSource, and Worldpay payment methods.
  • Upgraded the PayPal Javascript SDK
  • Web Setup Wizard removed
  • Composer update plugin

Performance Improvements

  • Improved customer data section invalidation logic.
  • Improved Redis performance

and much more

Magento GraphQL Improvements

Magento 2 GraphQL is a data query language to offer an alternative to REST and SOAP web APIs for frontend development.

  • Support for the Inventory In-store pickup using pickupLocations query
  • Get the list of categories that match a specified filter using the categories query
  • A logged-in user can add all the items to the cart from the previous order with reorderItems mutation

Other highlights of Magento 2.4

Moreover, the official resources have promised a new concept of the Storefront API to the platform!

Magento 2.4 Release Notes:

Cannot wait to download the latest Magento 2 version!

If you face a syntax error while installing Magento 2.4, just refer the solution here and you are good to go.

Surely, there’s going to be a lot more in Magento 2.4 for your Magento 2 store!

And a lot more conversations and debates at our office among the Magento developers! I’ll keep updating this post when I overhear the developers đŸ˜‰

Till then, stay tuned, stay updated.

I would also like to know what do you think about the latest Magento 2.4 release in the Comments section below.

Thank you.

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