100+ Best Dropshipping Products to Sell Online [2022]

Are you tired of brainstorming dropshipping product ideas to sell online? If so, then this blog post is for you.

Dropshipping is one of the most profitable business models for eCommerce geeks. The success of your dropshipping business highly depends on the products or niche you choose. It is highly essential to conduct thorough product research before finalizing the top dropshipping products for your new endeavour.

Choosing the best dropshipping products to sell online can be one of the most challenging tasks for the entrepreneurs, the decision which can have a long-term impact on the business. One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is that they often choose products based on self-interests and hobbies rather than focusing on the products that actually sell faster. Refer to this post to get the list of best dropshipping products to sell in 2022 to get into a profitable business.

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How to Find the Best Dropshipping Products?

Once you have decided to start your dropshipping business, it’s time to find the best dropshipping winning products to sell online. Products that are affordable, useful, and rare to find online usually perform best in dropshipping.

Take the guesswork out of your research and use the following effective steps for hunting the best dropshipping products to sell online in 2022.

Before shortlisting the products for dropshipping, it is important to identify your target audience first!

The success of a dropshipping business greatly relies on marketing performance and it is vital for the businesses to understand the target audience first before choosing the products to sell. You can consider your target customers’ demographics such as age, gender, location, etc. to find the best products for dropshipping.

Develop a buyer persona before hunting for the best product to dropship online, which will also help you find a niche.

Amazon Best Sellers

Amazon is one of the leading eCommerce marketplaces used by millions of customers to find products of their needs online. Bestsellers by Amazon can end your hunt for the best dropshipping products in 2022. This eCommerce marketplace houses products of all types and categories. The chances of Amazon not covering your niche is very less.

You can browse the Amazon best-selling items falling in your niche and shortlist them for further vetting.

eBay Watch Counter

WatchCount.com is another amazing tool to find the hot-in-demand items for your dropshipping business in 2022. As the name suggests, it allows finding the popularity of eBay products through the number of watchers. You can leverage the tool for finding the in-demand products for your dropshipping business.

The tool is really simple to use — Just enter the keywords, and/or select the product category to get started. It will show the list of the products along with the number of watchers. You can use this list to shortlist the best items for dropshipping as per your requirements.

AliExpress Dropshipping Center

AliExpress has a free tool for all the drop shippers to find the best products to sell. The tool facilitates finding products for dropshipping businesses along with in-depth analysis of the product. It is a perfect tool to find the most trending and in-demand products for your dropshipping business in 2022.

The AliExpress Dropshipping centre allows finding trending dropshipping products by category and country using various filters that make it easy to find the winning products. You can use AliExpress to find new products and add them to your list for further consideration.

Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the best free online tools that you can use to find the popularity of the product over time for a specific geographical area. The tool also provides a category filter to find trending search queries related to certain categories. You can use this tool to find the trend of the product’s popularity over time.

Check the popularity or trends of the product list you created from the above sources to make the final list of products for a dropshipping business.

Best Dropshipping Products to Sell Online

Finding the best products to kickstart your dropshipping business can be a bit challenging task. You don’t need to take much burden out of it, we have curated a list of top 100+ best-selling items for dropshipping businesses in 2022 that will help you. We have used various resources such as Amazon bestsellers, AliExpress Dropshipping Center, eBay Watch Counter, and Google Trends to find the best dropshipping products.

Let’s come to the main point without further ado. Here are the 100+ top dropshipping products to sell in 2022.

#1 Health & Fitness Products

Best Health & Fitness Products for Dropshipping

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught me the importance of good health and fitness to the world. Today, people around the world are more conscious about their health than anything else. Some of the products related to health and fitness have witnessed a massive demand spike in the last few years, making them the best ones for the dropshipping businesses.

Demand for personal hygiene products such as masks and sanitisers increased exponentially with the eruption of the deadly coronavirus around the world. Moreover, people became more aware of their immunity and personal health, which increased the demand for multi-vitamins, health supplements, etc.

Provided below are some of the best products for dropshipping businesses in 2022:

  • Face Masks
  • Sanitisers
  • Yoga Mats
  • Vitamin C Supplements
  • Aqua Training Bags
  • Exercise Dice
  • Resistance Bands
  • Weighing Scales
  • Push Up Rack Boards
  • Fitness Watches
  • Melatonin Gummies
  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Recommended Amazon Suppliers:

#2 Electronic Appliances


Best Electronic Appliances for Dropshipping

Today, consumer electronics are the core part of every household. We use electronic items 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Electronic appliances have made our lives easier than ever before and have become an essential part of our lives. Some of the best electronics products for drop shipping are soundbars, outdoor security cameras,  smart lights, etc.

The demand for consumer electronic appliances is increasing with rapid urbanization and development. Here are some of the best electronic products to dropship online and make stacks of money out of them in 2022:

  • Smart Plugs
  • Ring Light
  • CCTV Security Camera
  • Smart LED Lights
  • Two-way Walkie Talkie Radio
  • Drawing Tablets
  • Sleeping Headphones
  • Garage Openers
  • Sleeping Earphones
  • Kids Headphones
  • Electronic Toothbrush
  • Smart Tripods
  • Start Projector Night Light

Recommended Suppliers:

#3 Fashion & Clothing Accessories

Best Fashion & Clothing Accessories to Dropship Online

Staying updated with the latest clothing trends is never out of fashion. “I have nothing to wear” is still a common problem for the majority of the fashion geeks out there. Clothing and accessories are some of the essentials for the customers and this niche is never out of trend. The clothing and fashion trends keep changing, making the market evergreen for the sellers.

One report by Statista anticipated huge growth in the Fashion industry with projected revenue of a whopping $0.99 trillion in 2022. You can follow the trends for fashion accessories and try seasonal clothing items for dropshipping. Some of the best dropshipping products in this verticle are provided below:

  • Wide-Legged Pants
  • Cargo Pants
  • Sunglasses
  • Silicone Rings
  • Leggings
  • Slides
  • Couple T-shirts
  • Clothes Storage Bag Organizer
  • Track Suits
  • Boater Hat
  • Knitted Dress
  • Loose Jeans
  • Flannel Shirts

Recommended Suppliers:

#4 Home & Kitchen Items

Home & Kitchen - Best Items for Dropshipping

Online shoppers are always ready to spend hundreds of dollars on products that add value to their homes. The cooking area is almost inseparable from every living space from small apartments to luxury mansions. Moreover, cooking has also emerged as a subject of interest for many online shoppers.

Who doesn’t love decorating their living space? Everyone does! Home and kitchen items are in huge demand and it is some of the best niches for dropshipping businesses. Some of the best dropshipping products in this niche are:

  • Anti Drain Clogging
  • Egg Shaper
  • Wall Clocks
  • Night Lamps
  • Wall Stickers
  • Popup Toaster
  • Knief Set
  • Curtains
  • Portable Blenders
  • Electric Kettles
  • Air Fryers
  • Rugs
  • Doormats
  • Blankets

Recommended Suppliers:

#5 Pet Care Products

Pet Care Products for Dropshipping in 2022

Pet care items are some of the best dropshipping products to sell online in 2022. There are ample ages-old stories of human-pet interaction in the pages of history. The pet care sector is growing at a rapid pace. According to Global Market Insights, in 2020, the pet care market size surpassed $232 billion and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.1% between 2021 and 2027.

The growing pet adoption rate around the globe has added to the growth of this market segment in the last few years. Some of the pet care products that are hot selling online include pet grooming products, pet food, clothing, etc. A longer list of the same is provided below.

  • Car Seat Cover
  • Pet Beds
  • Dog Chew Toy Toothbrush
  • Pet Socks
  • Pee Pads
  • Rubber Flying Discs
  • Winter Coats for Pets
  • Rope Leashes
  • Paw Plunger
  • Pet Travel Bag
  • Fur Remover
  • Customized ID Tags
  • Claw Cutter
  • Pet Auto Feeder

Recommended Suppliers:

#6 Mobile & Laptop Accessories

Top Mobile and Laptop Accessories for Dropshipping

Mobile phones and laptops have penetrated our daily lives, let it be personal or professional. We have entered the era of massive digitalization, where most of our activities are incomplete without the assistance of hand-held devices. Along with the surge in the usage of laptops and mobile phones, the demand for their accessories is also rapidly growing. The laptop and mobile accessories are some of the top dropshipping items that get sold like a flash.

  • Phone Camera Lenses
  • Wireless Chargers
  • Charging Cables & Adapters
  • Portable Speakers
  • Mobile Repair Toolkit
  • Game Controller
  • Battery Charger Case
  • Wireless Mouse & Keyboard
  • Cooling Pad
  • USB Lamps & Fans
  • Power Bank
  • Selfie Stick
  • Headphones
  • LED Keyboard

Recommended Suppliers:

#7 Office & Stationery Items

Best Office Stationery Dropshipping Items

The revival from the Covid-19 pandemic marked the ‘back to the office’ season around the world, creating a huge demand for the office supplies & stationery items market. It is also promising more demand for suppliers in the future. From small staples to big notice boards, the demand for office supplies and stationery items is huge. Furthermore, the demand surges during the starting year and back to the school season.

Some of the best dropshipping products in the office supplies and stationery niche are:

  • Staplers
  • Paper Punch
  • Reusable Notebooks
  • Sticky Notes
  • Paper Clips
  • Printer Papers
  • Pencil Case
  • File Folder
  • Adhesive Cable Clips
  • Erasable Pens
  • Highlighters
  • Colourful Pens
  • Desk Mat
  • Scissors & Blades

Recommended Suppliers:

#8 Beauty Products

Best Beauty Products for Dropshipping

Beauty and self-care is an evergreen niche for drop shippers around the world. The industry is pushing forwards and touching new horizons with each passing day. Beauty & cosmetics is one of the best dropshipping niches and is highly profitable than it was ever before.

BTSWholesaler is one of the well-kn0wn suppliers of cosmetics and perfumes for dropshippers. Magento 2 BTSWholesaler Dropshipping extension makes it easier for the merchants to sell products directly from BTSWholesaler on their online Magento 2 stores.

Today, people are more conscious of personal hygiene and self-care. Some of the trending dropshipping products in this niche are for cleansing, skin protection from UV, rejuvenation, etc. If you have decided to dive deep into this dropshipping niche, you can consider selling the following best-selling items:

  • IPL Hair Removal Devices
  • Makeup Mirrors.
  • Facial Steamer
  • Hair Extensions
  • Blackhead Remover Pore Strips
  •  Makeup Brushes and Accessories
  • Scalp Massager
  • Lash Products
  • Handmade Soaps
  • UV Skin Protectors
  • Beard Oils
  • Lip Balms
  • Dandruff Shampoo
  • Acne Patches

Recommended Suppliers:

#9 Tech Gadgets

Dropshipping Tech Gadgets

Technology is ever-evolving, making our lives easier than it was ever. The tech gadgets are easier to sell because of their wide range of audience base. This niche is evergreen for the drop shippers around the world as more and more tech gadgets are emerging with each passing day.

Tech gadgets have made our lives easier and smarter than ever. Some of the best dropshipping tech gadgets include smart watches, smart lightbulbs,  smart wallets, etc. Below is the list of more tech gadgets for your dropshipping business.

  • Smart Cube
  • AirTag Tracker
  • RFID Wallets
  • Podcast Microphones
  • Ring Light
  • Air Purifiers
  • Blue Light Glasses
  • Solar Power Bank
  • Floating Moon Night Lamp
  • Smartphone Screen Magnifier
  • Apple Pencil
  • AR Headsets
  • Wearable Air Gesture Controller
  • Smart Reusable Notebook
  • Wireless Earbuds

Recommended Suppliers:

#10 Books, Art & Decorative Items

Books, Arts Products for Dropshipping

Books, art, and decorative items complete the list of the top dropshipping items to sell online in 2022. We all know that — “Books are our best friends,” and this also holds true when it comes to dropshipping them. There are plenty of book categories out there and so do the readers. Art is the thing that the customers will not think twice before emptying their wallets for purchasing.

This niche can be the most profitable if you master it. Some of the best selling products in this niche are:

  • Pixel Art
  • Sewing Kit for Adults
  • Coloured Pen
  • Clay Beads
  • Hands Casting Kit
  • Set of Paint Brushes
  • Bracelet Making Kit
  • Acrylic Paint Set
  • Novels
  • Fictional & Non-Fictional Books
  • Regional Books
  • Flipbooks

Recommended Suppliers:

Once you have completed your product research, it’s the time to set up your online store. You may find our article on best eCommerce platforms to choose the perfect one for your droshipping store.


There are ample promising categories and niches to start a successful dropshipping business. We hope this blog post will guide you to find the best dropshipping products to sell online in 2022. You can choose the best suitable products for your dropshipping business as per your needs.

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100+ Best Dropshipping Products to Sell Online [2022]

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