10 Best Creative 404 Pages Examples in E-Commerce [2021]

10 Best Creative 404 Pages Examples in E-Commerce [2021] 4

You need to have the best 404 page in your E-commerce store.

It is not going to win you a conversion. I know! But the 404 page is much more than just helping a lost visitor.

404 pages in E-commerce stores can be helpful to:

  • Build brand
  • Increase newsletter subscriber
  • Offer a search box
  • Display best-selling items
  • Links to important pages such as about the company, blog, home page, etc.

and much more.

Best E-commerce 404 Pages:


10 Best Creative 404 Pages Examples in E-Commerce [2021] 5

Amazon brags about its dog-friendly culture and it is seen in its 404 pages.

Everyone loves dogs! Amazon nailed it by offering a picture of an Amazonian’s dog that they bring to work. Also, they didn’t miss linking it to the homepage and article about other dogs they have.

Anyone landing on amazon’s 404 page may also use the search bar right there to explore the desired products.


10 Best Creative 404 Pages Examples in E-Commerce [2021] 6

eBay is one of the biggest online marketplaces to buy and sell goods. The eBay 404 page is simple and subtle. It links to the home page, offers a search bar, and importantly, displays the trending deals. It lures the visitors to check the deals out of FOMO.

eBay’s 404 page is a perfect example of getting conversions out of 404!


10 Best Creative 404 Pages Examples in E-Commerce [2021] 7

Ikea offers a keen 404 page using the elements that best describe their work and brand. And it is paired with a simple straightforward message and a link to home page.

Ikea’s 404 page is bound to smoothly transfer the lost visitor to the homepage with its clean design and no distractions.


10 Best Creative 404 Pages Examples in E-Commerce [2021] 8

Myntra highlights its 404 on the page to immediately give the idea of lost navigation and at the same time, offers categories page links to revert the mistake and quickly find what we were looking for.

It also offers popular search links which is an intelligent method to redirect the visitors to their bestsellers.

Myntra has equipped its 404 page with everything that a customer might need, the wishlist, cart page link, profile link, and the search box!


10 Best Creative 404 Pages Examples in E-Commerce [2021] 9


Even their 404 page has a little game that can get the attention of the visitors for a few minutes. The rolling eyes in the direction of the cursor are fun to watch.

Not forgetting to mention the shelves neatly arranged with the related links.


10 Best Creative 404 Pages Examples in E-Commerce [2021] 10

They know exactly what it means to be lost in cyberspace.

And they specifically point out important pages that they may want the visitors to check out along with the home page.

You can even book a demo from 404 page or contact them directly.


10 Best Creative 404 Pages Examples in E-Commerce [2021] 11

The 404 page at Headspace not only depicts the purpose of the page correctly but it is in line with the product and what it promises to do, i.e., to calm you from the stress.

And on 404 page too, it continues to do what it is supposed to do – to tell us to breathe in and out.

The character itself has a slow and rhythmic movement that a lost visitor can see for some time and get some headspace.


10 Best Creative 404 Pages Examples in E-Commerce [2021] 12

The 404 page at Volusion had made it to the list simply because of those colorful balls falling down that captivates the lost visitor.

The color combination goes with their logo and the neat page after the balls fall shows the link to the homepage with 404 characters in the background.

A calm yet fun design one can look at!


10 Best Creative 404 Pages Examples in E-Commerce [2021] 13

Squarespace offers a game of alphabets that a lost visitor can enjoy. You can move the alphabets with a cursor here and there.

Meanwhile, the essential links are in place for those who do not want to play the game but learn about templates, websites, domains, and other stuff.


10 Best Creative 404 Pages Examples in E-Commerce [2021] 14

The awesome concept of their 404 page immediately sells them for what they do!

404 is depicted with darkness and as your cursor moves, the spotlight is thrown in that part of the screen (they say jungle!)

The lost visitor can either directly use the links on the 404 page or initiate the chat with their support team from the page itself!

Now that you have the set of excellent 404 pages for E-commerce, grab the best of everything and design your own page to entertain, divert, and convert the lost visitors on your site.

Do let me know which page you liked the best in the Comments section below.

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Thank you.

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