6 Benefits of SEO Services For Shopify Stores [2023]

Organic traffic is a very essential source of business for Shopify store owners. 📈

By organic traffic, we mean traffic from the search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. Most of the purchase journeys of online shoppers begin with a search. According to Hubspot, 75% of people never scroll past the first page of the search engine results, meaning that most of the customers click on the top search results and continue their buying journey. 💵

But what if your online store is not optimized for the search engines? 🔍

What if your Shopify store is not appearing on the first page of Google? 🤔

Well, then, you are really missing out on something important. You may require professional Shopify SEO services to help make your online store search engine-friendly and leverage the benefits of organic traffic. In this blog post, I will discuss some of the practical benefits of SEO Services for Shopify stores that you can consider.

After reading the amazing benefits, I’m sure you’ll rush to find the best Shopify SEO services for your online store.

Let’s get started..!

6 Benefits of Shopify SEO Services

The benefits of SEO services for Shopify are immense! Although they can not be covered in just a single blog post, I’ve tried to provide an overview of the benefits of Shopify SEO service for your online store.

1. More Organic Traffic – More Conversions – More Revenue 📈

One of the most apparent benefits of Shopify SEO service for your store is that it can help you improve the online visibility of your business and, ultimately, the revenue.

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, driving organic traffic to your store is essential for success. But, more important is driving relevant traffic that converts well. Shopify SEO services can help you increase organic and relevant traffic to your online store by fixing various Shopify SEO issues and optimizing your site. This can help you win the top positions (or even the rich snippets), and generate more inbound leads that are highly qualified for purchase.

Search engine optimization services can also help you optimize the user experience, improve the customer’s buying journey in your store, and increase the conversion rate!

Thus, a Shopify SEO service can help you directly improve the sales of your online store and make your business more profitable.

2. Shopify SEO Services Generate High Return on Investments 💰

Search engine optimization is free – if you know how to do it! But, outsourcing that work to professionals through Shopify SEO services is also not a poor deal. Good search engine optimization can help you generate higher returns on what you’ve spent, typically multifold returns.

Shopify SEO services are cost-effective and can yield long-term returns if you are patient enough. The returns are generally higher than all other alternatives, such as affiliate marketing, paid ads, influencer marketing, etc. In a survey conducted by Search Engine Journal, 49% of marketers responded that SEO generates the best return on investments. However, you may predict the revenue of your Google Ads campaign with the help of the Google Ads Revenue Calculator.

You are getting more than what you spend – this is one of the main reasons why you’d choose a Shopify SEO service!

3. Professional SEO Services for Shopify Can Help You Save a Lot of Time ⌚

Search engine optimization is not everyone’s cup of tea!

Therefore, it is always wise to let the experts do that for you.

Going for professional Shopify SEO services can reduce your workload. This means you’ll have a lot of free time to work on improving and scaling your business. Letting the Shopify SEO expert work for you is a timesaver as well. The professional can use their extensive experience in this field to deliver work efficiently.

4. You Can Easily Outrank Your Competitors & Build a Brand Using Shopify SEO Services 🥇

One of the biggest challenges that eCommerce businesses face these days is the intense competition in the market. Name a niche or product, and you can find hundreds of online stores for that. The competition can be even more intense if you are into a trendy niche such as fitness & weight loss.

It can be tough for you to outrank your competitors if you have just launched your Shopify store. Opting for a professional Shopify SEO service can help you cut through the noise and establish your own brand by outranking your competitors. This can help you win more customers over your competitors and, thus, more sales.

5. SEO Services Can Help You Establish Online Credibility ✅

It is a matter of fact that people tend to firmly trust search engines. Getting your online store and its pages to rank at the top of search engine results will help you establish online credibility and trust. The top-ranking pages on the search engines can act as a vote of confidence for the customers, which can help you establish your online credibility over time.

In addition to this, a Shopify SEO professional can plan a content strategy for your online store to help you solve your customer’s problems. It includes informative blog posts, social media posting, email marketing, etc. This can help you establish online credibility and build a loyal audience base.

6. Shopify SEO Service Can Enhance The User Experience of Your Shopify Store ✨

Search engine optimization does not end at getting your website ranked on the top pages of Google. It is also about improving the journey of the customers on the website and enhancing their experiences. Enhanced user experience is one of the advantages of Shopify SEO services for your store.

Making your website mobile-friendly and user-centric can help you engage the visitors to your site and deliver unforgettable shopping experiences. Imperatively, this results in enhanced customer loyalty and a high customer retention rate!

If you are working on improving your Shopify store’s SEO by yourself, this list of best free SEO tools may help you ease the process. You can also refer to our DIY guide on Shopify SEO or our Shopify SEO Checklist.

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Shopify SEO Services

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6 Benefits of SEO Services For Shopify Stores [2023]

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